Dean AMA School of Medicine & Director International Student Affairs of AMA school of Medicine in Philippines, to give you insights about pursuing MBBS abroad, prospects in Philippines as a destination and other options after clearing NEET 2019.

Hello everyone, my name is Anuj Goyal from Get My University. Today I have with me our esteemed guest from Philippines, AMA School of Medicine.

I have Mr. Alvin Rodriguez, Director, International Student Affairs, AMA Education System. I also have with me, Dr. Ellis. She’s Dean of AMA School of Medicine.

Get My University: So sir like being almost like a week you’re in India. So how was your experience like interacting with the students or like interacting with multiple stakeholders or people how was your experience?

Professor : Well, students were very enthusiastic about finishing with their neat. They’re working so hard, so that they can pass it. And we’re very glad that they have this great capacity or great encouragement from Mr. Alvin Rodriguez to pass their NEET so that they can become very successful in whatever professional career they would like to pursue right after their NEET exams, but definitely as Dean of the School of Medicine, I would like them to wish that they would go and enroll in our esteemed medical college so that we can teach them better way of treating patients having compassion and patience when they treat maturity of their patients later on.

Get My University : It was a long journey for you travelling from Philippines to India almost 3000 Kilometers. What commitment do you see in Indian students that made you travel so far to India.

Professor: As a medical doctors, the commitment is always to produce students who are compassionate and polite dedicated to the to their profession, but most of all they should be compassionate with their patient and that they will always have their patients welfare into them in consideration and the main reason why we wanted them to realize very here to help them in any way that we can so that they will become best doctors what India can produce.

Professor: Well I think one of the reasons why we came would be to provide the students another option. This is another window opening for them or an under door opening for them, that there is an opportunity for them to pursue medical education in the Philippines through our AMA School of Medicine. We also came to meet our other stakeholders our partners and other consultants that we are working closely with so that we can also know the scope of support we need to provide them. So we are here primarily just to show our support these agencies and this institution so that they could help the students in giving the best coaching possible in choosing their careers.

Get My University: A important question comes that there are multiple destinations to pursue MBBS. What is the additional advantage offer as a country. What is the natural advantage that Indians will get going to Philippines compared to other countries?

Professor: Oh, well, I should say the best advantage would be is the Philippines being the third largest English speaking country. So there would be no problem in terms of communication as our classes are taught in English.

Our courses are taught in English so students wouldn’t have any problem English being universal language. Another thing is that the environment is so much similar to India. Yes, and I think the case is I think they’ve been with us further, much further about that the the cases that may they may encounter in, in the Philippines may also be the same cases that they should or they may encounter in the future in India. So, whatever learning or cases that are being taught on the Philippine setting may also be applied to the Indian setting.

So, then another thing that we could consider an advantage in going to the Philippines would be asked, being the friendly as one of the friendliest  and being God fearing, similar to the Indian culture, so, it’s very safe, it’s very friendly. It’s not really, you would feel like even though you’re in the Philippines, you will feel that you’re at home, so There’s really should be no worrying about being far away from families, because you could find families later on in the country. So, basically that is what we’re really proud of. And of course in the AMA integration system setting, we provide people are very supportive. So the staff in the employees are all their support for the students them being in a foreign land. So there is particular office, which take care of takes care of all your needs, and like the VSA, like documentation and everything. So I think these are the most important advantages in choosing the Philippines as an educational destination.

Get My University:  Is there a connect or visible or invisible connect between education system of Philippines & USA. Is there an opportunity for the students studying Philippe’s to go for the PG programs in us?

Professor: We receive a lot of requests from EC FMG. And asking me if this particular student is has graduated from this medical from our from our medical school. And they were just asking for confirming that this particular student is us graduated from this medical school. So we just send them the application form the and with the signature of the dean and the stamp of medical school. And so that’s that is a potential area. Yeah. And he and this Indian student is from Australia. Yeah. And we have other Indian students who are already in the United States, and they’re coming back to us and asking for certification from their credentials.

Get My University: So like how many Indian Students do  we have at AMA School of Medicine this right now ?

Professor: There are about more than 2000 students here. And then we just started opening our doors to the Indian students some three to four years ago and it has created a lot of sphere and interest coming from them. I do not know exactly the reasons why they like to go to AMA School of Medicine, but I should say it’s because of the quality of instruction that we provide to the good being here and this the pool of manpower and the faculty who are really specialists in their respective fields. So the Faculty of Medicine is that we are really be proud of. So I think there’s a component to them in choosing a school of medicine as their school for medical course.

Students in AMA School of Medicine do not get bored like other medical school because in other medical schools, the math curriculum is traditional meaning to say that they just sit in front of the professor, and the professor keeps on talking and talking and talking.

Yes. Is our in our case, we lecture to them. And after a few a few days, we give them case studies. And they read on it and when they come back, they listen class & discuss case studies with their professors and among themselves. It’s a kind of interaction between students and students and students and professors. They learn how to think and they learn how to communicate better in English. They are being taught how to present cases later on when they go to their third year and their fourth year.

Get My University:  So what is the message would like to communicate to the students.

Professor: As we have always said, we’ve been around so many review, review, coaching centers. And the suggestion or the encouragement that we gave them was just to keep on working hard for their need so that they pass and passing the exam means being able to choose whatever profession they would like to go to. And practically we advise them that if you want to go to the medical then AMA School of Medicine is more than willing to accept them and take care of them.

Professor: I think as I always tell the students, there is an opportunity. There is one institution out there in the Philippines i.e. AMA School of Medicine, which is very near to you, and one of the friendliest universities that you may see in the world. So, at the same time, you could also learn the quality of being a professional there. There’s an opportunity and an option waiting for you, in case you may decide to pursua your education in India we welcome you all to the Philippines.

Get My University:  Thanks a lot Ma’am. Thanks a lot, sir. Thank you.

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