MBBS in China

MBBS in China costs very low for the students, so students in large number from India go to China every year for Medical study. The Ratio of Indian students is very high because some of the Universities even provide Scholarships. Presently, Mbbs in China is the most destined location for interested students. It has many top medical Universities which are listed under MCI and WHO (World Health Organization) and provides the best medical education to the students.
The country has a total of 49 Medical Universities which are all approved by Ministry of China. English medium was introduced especially for the International students. So, there is no language barricade. The Language course is mandatory for the students to learn the local language so that they can communicate with the people easily. MD Medical Degree provided by the University is accepted all over the world.



Facts about China

~ 138.64 crores
   Buddhism, Catholicism,
              Key Cities
   Beijing, Shanghai,
           GDP per capita
 8,826.99 USD (2017 data)
   Cold and moderate
            Exchange Rate 
1 chinese yuan = 9.97 INR




Advantages of Studying MBBS in China
  • Mbbs in China offers 5 years of medical course in a very economical amount as compared to any other Asian countries.This encourages most of the students to choose Mbbs in China.
  • China saves 2 years of study as compared to other countries and China is the only country whose Internship is valid in India.
  • China is the most disciplined and developed country.Government of China invest lacs of amount every year on the education sector for the upliftment and betterment of the students.
  • China is the only country which has World Ranking Universities.Most of the Universities of China are included in the list of QS World Ranking.
  • Most of the Universities of China only accepts cream students.China has set up a benchmark of percentage for different universities.They accept students based on the basis of 12th percentage and NEET score.
  • China offers Scholarship to International students on the basis of 12th percentage and NEET result.Some of the Universities provide scholarship for total 5 years to the top performing students of the University during their medical study
  • Few top Universities of China is a member of prestigious and elite C9 League.
  • On an average most of the universities in China is spread over sprawling Minimum 700-800 acre of land.
  • All the 45 Medical colleges of China are providing fully English medium course.
  • Climatic condition of China is also very much similar to India.In variuos cities the maximum temperature is around 30-32 in peak summer.
  • China being the highest populous country in the world will never see the crunch of patients.
  • In China safety and security is very high and our students feel very safe in China.
  • China is the only country where MCI have approved Internship for Indian students after completing their medical degree.

MBBS in China Scholarship

China is the only country that offers scholarships to international students. Several different types of scholarships are offered to students, there is a national scholarship also known as the President scholarship and is allotted through CSC. Other than that there are provincial scholarships such as Jasmin Scholarship at the Jiangsu University. If you are willing to study MBBS in abroad, China can be the best option for you.




Types of Medical Courses offered in China

Medical universities in China offer medical courses such as:-

MBBS - The duration of the course is 6 years. 5 years of studies and 1 year of internship.

MDS - The duration of the program is 3 years. The student chooses a specialty to pursue MDS.




HSK Language Test

HSK is a Chinese language test which is a compulsory exam for medical students studying in China who are not a native of the country. The full form of HSK is Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. It has total 6 levels of exam but for Indians they have to clear only 5 levels of exam.

Chinese language proficiency is mandatory for non Chinese students who want to study in China, so it was introduced in 1984 and is now spread across the world.

HSK language as a whole comprises of more than 5000 words in total. HSK Level 1 comprises of 150 words with basic vocabulary. The duration of this level is 2 months.

HSK Level 2 consists of 300 words and the students learn to frame sentences and Grammar in this level. The duration of this level is also 2 months.

HSK Level 3 consists of 600 words including the first and second level. In this level the students are required to recognize and understand the characters. The duration of this level is 3 months.

HSK Level 4 consists of 1200 vocabulary words. Here the students learn to read and write fluently and communicate with others in Chinese language.

HSK Level 5 consist of 2500 words and in this level the student is able to read all Chinese newspaper, enjoy movies and even communicate fluently with any person.

HSK Level 6 consists of 5000 words and here the student becomes an expert in Chinese language.


Admission Process of MBBS in China

Applicants interested in studying Mbbs in China must submit all the required documents to the University. They are required to fill the admission form and then attached the documents to the University. Within two to three working days, the university after verifying all the documents will send the offer letter and JW202 of the student. Once the admission letter is received by the candidate, other formalities need to be done and apply for the visa. Once the Visa is done the candidate is ready to fly.

Documents Required

  • 10th, 11th, 12th Marksheet.
  • Passport.
  • PAN Card- Student & Parents.
  • Aadhar card- Student & Parents.
  • NEET Score Card.
  • Migration Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • 1 Passport size photograph.


  • Fluency in English is required in most of the Universities.
  • China has set up a benchmark of percentage for all the Universities.A minimum of 50%-80% marks is required in 12th board exam.
  • Must have completed 17 years of age.
  • NEET eligibility is mandatory

Visa Document for MBBS in China

  • Original Passport.
  • Original Marksheet of 10th class and 12th class.
  • Recent 6 months Bank statement with closing balance of 3 lakhs.
  • 5 Visa Photos(33X45 mm WBG, 80% clear face glossy finish).
  • Medical Fitness certificate.
  • HIV Certificate confirming no illness.






Fees Detail in China


UniversitiesTuition Fees (Per Year)Duration
China Medical University RMB 40,000 5 years
Jilin University RMB 29,000 5 years
Jiangsu University RMB 34,000 5 years
Anhui Medical University RMB 30,000 5 years
Wenzhou Medical University RMB 30,000 5 years
Qiqihar University RMB 16,000 5 years
Nanjing TCM RMB 18,000 5years
UniversitiesTuition Fees (Per Year)Duration
Xinjiang Medical University RMB 30,000 5years
Yangzhou Medical University RMB 30,000 5 years
Southeast University RMB 32,600 5 years
Qingdao University RMB 30,000 5 years
Kunming University RMB 35,000 5 years
Nanjing University RMB 34,000 5 years
Xi’an Jiaotong University RMB 40,000 5 years
Note: 1 RMB=INR 10 [Fees is subject to change as per RMB]



Climate in China 

Since the country is so huge, weather in China varies from place to place. The country spreads across 6 climatic zones - cold temperate zone, warm temperate zone, middle temperate zone, subtropical zone, plateau zone, and tropical zone.Pacific Ocean plays a significant role in regulating the climate in China.  Due to its geographic location, facing the ocean, the country has a temperate monsoon climate, tropical monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate.  Although China experiences rain throughout the year, the period from May to September receives the maximum rainfall.In summers most of the regions in the country experience a warm and rainy climate whereas, winters here are cold and dry. In July and August the temperature may go beyond 31 degree Celsius and in December and January it may go even below -10 degree Celsius.  In some areas, such as Heilongjiang Province and summers are long in Hainan Province winters last for a long period.



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