MBBS in Nepal

Nepal or the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked South Asian country located in the Himalayas. The country has an estimated population of 2.93 crore people and is 48th largest country in the world by population. The country shares its borders with China in the north and India in the south. The country has been under the rule of hereditary prime ministers and remained shut to the outside world until a palace revolt in the year 1950, when the crown's authority was restored. Nepal became a part of the United Nations in the year 1955. In the year 2008 monarchy fell and Nepal was declared a democratic republic. Wedged between two gigantic countries as India and China, Nepal keeps a balance between the foreign policies of the countries.
Apart from being a preferred tourist destination, Nepal has also become one of the most lucrative options for pursuing MBBS for Indian students. The faculty at most of the Nepali medical universities is Indian, which gives Nepal an edge over other countries. Moreover, the travel time from India to Nepal is almost like traveling in India itself. Also, the cultural similarities of the country make Nepal as one of the most suitable options to study for the Indian students. If you are looking for a country that can offer the best curriculum at affordable prices, then Nepal is the right place.



Facts about Nepal

Population  Approx.~ 2.93 crores
Capital    Nur-Sultan
Language     Nepali (also known as Khas-Kura) and Gorkhali
Religion     Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism and Kiratist
Currency    Nepalese Rupee
Key Cities  Kathmandu, Pokhara, Janakpur, Patan, Lumbini
GDP per capita  835.08 USD ( as per 2017 data)
Climate  Tropical and subtropical climates exist
Exchange Rate   1 Nepalese Rupee equals 0.63 Indian Rupee

Advantages of doing MBBS in Nepal


Nepal may be a small nation, but is well-known for offering affordable medical education to national as well as international students. The best medical colleges in Nepal are well-equipped with amenities that are needed for best learning of the students. The university campuses are well-equipped with modern infrastructure and technology. The quality of education provided by the best medical colleges in Nepal meet the international standards and can be compared to the education provided by developed nations such as UK, USA and European Countries.
If you are looking for colleges outside India to pursue MBBS, Nepal can be a good option. Mentioned below are some of the advantages of pursuing MBBS in Nepal:-

  1. ENTRANCE EXAM REQUIRED - There are 2 Universities Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University in Nepal and one Autonomous University B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Science is in Nepal. Till year 2018 Kathmandu university took admission NEET Qualified students directly, but Tribhuvan University accepted admissions through entrance test and B. P. Korala also takes entrance test every year for admission. In year 2019 even Kathmandu University has admitted candidates in MBBS in Nepal through their own entrance exam.
  2. INTERNSHIP RECOGNISED IN INDIA - Nepal is the only country which gives opportunity to students for a valid Internship. In nutshell Internship of MBBS in Nepal is valid in India with program duration is 4.5 years with 1 year of Internship.
  3. HIGH PATIENT INFLOW - Patient inflow in colleges in Nepal is relatively high which gives a very good opportunity for students in their practical clinical learning. Also because people in Nepal speaks Hindi and native languages, students find it easy to communicate making them better learners.
  4. REASONABLE FEE - The tuition fee in Nepal is affordable and economical as compared to the fee of private universities and colleges in India. Average fees from MBBS in Nepal comes to be around 45 to 55 Lakhs for complete course.
  5. GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED UNIVERSITIES - The best medical universities in Nepal are recognized by international institutions such as WHO, UNESCO and MCI.
  6. NO EXTRA EXAM - Students do not need to give another exam such as TOEFL or IELTS to get admission into Nepal Universities.
  7. INDIAN TEACHERS - The teachers in Nepali universities are majorly Indian, given the student better and more comfortable environment.
  8. EASY ADMISSION PROCESS - The admission process in best medical colleges in Nepal is easy and hassle free.Students do not need to give any donations to get into medical colleges or universities.
  9. EASY ACCESS TO INDIAN FOOD - Indian students can get Indian food in the university hostels which is an added advantage.
  10. CULTURAL SIMILARITY - The country has a lot of similarities to indian traditions and cultures, therefore it is very easy for the Indian students to gel up in the environment.
  11. NEIGHBOURING COUNTRY - Nepal is the neighbouring country of India and its easy for students to come back home as Nepal shared border with India. Even a passport is not required to travel to Nepal and no VISA is also required. Students can easily travel through the road network as well to come down to Kathmandu. In nutshell connectivity is very good for students in Nepal and they can easily come for any emergency and festivals back home.

MBBS in Nepal Scholarship

The top medical colleges in Nepal offer scholarships to Indian students on the basis of their merit and performance during the course. The most preferred way would be to get a scholarship form MOE or IOE. The scholarships awarded may differ according to the student’s profile and their scores in 12th as well as NEET examination.



MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

MBBS in Nepal has become a popular destination for MBBS among Indian students because of the high quality of education provided. There are 2 Universities Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University in Nepal and one Autonomous University B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Science is in Nepal. Till year 2018 Kathmandu university took admission NEET Qualified students directly, but Tribhuvan University accepted admissions through entrance test and B. P. Korala also takes an entrance test every year for admission. In 2019 even Kathmandu University has admitted candidates in MBBS in Nepal through their own entrance exam.
The students in Nepal are given opportunities to bring the theoretical knowledge into practice during the 1 year internship program. The best medical universities in Nepal are recognized by international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Indian institutions such as Medical Council of India (MCI). The proximity of Nepal to India and its almost India-like culture, makes it a preferred and a very suitable destination for Indian students. Also, the country is cheaper as compared to other countries. Indian students can practice in India after qualifying for the MCI test.

Duration for MBBS in Nepal

  1. In India MBBS course duration is 4.5 Years with 1 year of Internship followed by post graduation courses of 3-4 years.

  2. Nepal is the only country in which the duration of the MBBS program is 5 years. Also, an internship in Nepal is of 1 year very much valid in India. In other countries students have to do an additional Internship of 1 year after MBBS program which ranges from 6.5 - 7 Years.

  3. Equal and sufficient duration is divided into practical and theoretical aspects of the MBBS degree.

  4. So in nutshell students can save 1 year compared to other countries.


MBBS Admission Procedure in Nepal

In most of the medical universities in Nepal, the academic year commences from the month of September and hence the applications are closed by the end of June every year. The documents require 3 to 5 weeks to process after submission of the application. Following is the process to get admission into medical universities in Nepal:-

  1. Download the application form and fill in the details correctly

  2. Check for all the necessary documents required for the admission

  3. Submit the application along with the documents

  4. If a candidate is selected, he/she will have to pay admission, application and processing fee to book a seat (this system may vary from university to university)

  5. The admission letter will be received once the candidate has completed all the VISA and other formalities.

Eligibility for MBBS in Nepal

Following is the eligibility criteria to get admission into MBBS in medical universities in Nepal

  1. The candidate must have scored at least 50 percent marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12th from a renowned Indian board.

  2. The candidate must be 17 years of age on or prior to 31st December of the year being applied.

  3. The students must have qualified for the NEET examination.

  4. The candidate must have all the required documents.

Documents Required for VISA:-

  1. A valid passport
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. A complete VISA application form
  4. Admission letter from the university
  5. A Health Check-up form


Documents Required for enrollment

  1.  Photocopy of the passport
  2. 6 passport size photographs

  3. Birth certificate

  4. Bank account details 

  5. Demand Draft in the favor of the university applied


Important details to remember -

Application Date -The date of applying for MBBS in Nepal is  near the month of April.

Date of Admission Letter - Admission Letters arrive after 10 - 20 days of submitting the Application. 

VISA Approval Time -It usually takes 45 to 60 days for the ministry to sanction VISA of the candidate


MCI Approved Best MBBS Universities in Nepal 



 Tuition Fees (Per Year)


Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar

55 Lakh

5 years

Universal College of Medical Sciences

58 Lakh

5 years

KIST Medical College, Imadol, Lalitpur

48 Lakh

5 years

National Medical College, Birganj

60 Lakh

5 years

Devdaha Medical College, Devdaha

50 Lakh

5 years

Nepal Ganj Medical College, Nepalganj

56 Lakh

5 years

Chitawan Medical College, Chitawan

52 Lakh

5 years

Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar

53 Lakh

5 years

Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara

58 Lakh

5 years

Lumbini Medical College & Research Cente, Palpa

53 Lakh

5 years

Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara

52 Lakh

5 years

Janaki Medical College, Janakpur

45 Lakh

5 years

Kathmandu Medical College

54 Lakh

5 years

Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital

52 Lakh

5 years

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)

47 Lakh

5 years



Climate in Nepal

In northern Nepal the summers are cooler and winters are extremely cold, while in southern part of the country the summers are hot and winters are ordinarily cold. There are 5 seasons in Nepal Summers, Winters, Spring, Autumn and Monsoon. The seasons in Nepal are just like the ones in north India which makes it easier for the Indian students to live in the country. Moreover, the country has beautiful terrain because of being a major part of the Himalayan range.


Cost of living in Nepal

 Living in Nepal is very economical and may cost only upto INR 5000 - 7000 per month. Students from India can easily afford to live in Nepal without facing any money constraint.


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