As Haryana has fewer reputed medical colleges with state-of-the-art facilities and modern infrastructure, MBBS in Haryana colleges can be a considerable option but not all colleges are worthwhile. Around 2 to 3 colleges have exceptional facilities. The state government is also taking initiatives to improve the quality of medical education and increase the number of seats in government medical colleges.

The Department of Medical Education & Research, Haryana, also known as "DMER," is conducting the Haryana NEET UG Counselling 2023 for Medical & Dental programs. This counseling is for both Government (85%) and Private (100%) Medical & Dental seats in the state. Counseling for the Deemed College in the state will be conducted through the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC), and it is not a part of the state counseling process.

The Haryana NEET UG Counselling process includes three rounds: Round 1, Round 2 (both online), and the Mop-up round (also called spot round or physical round), which is conducted offline. If seats remain vacant after the mop-up round, the college round (also known as the "Stray round") will be conducted.

To participate in the Haryana NEET UG Counselling Process 2023, students must qualify for the NEET exam and then register themselves by logging into the official website of DMER at www.dedharyana.org.

Highlights of Haryana NEET UG Counselling 2023

State Haryana
Website www.dmerharyana.org 
Counselling Body Department of Medical Education & Research, Haryana
Courses Offered  MBBS and BDS
Result Accepted NEET 
Eligibility NEET Qualified
College Participation Government and Private
Seat Participation 85% Government and 100% private
Rounds of Counselling Round 1, Round 2, and Mop Up
Type of Seats Government and Private
No. of Seats Government-710, Private-800, Deemed-150
Categories  General SC, ST, OBS, MM, and EWS
No. of Colleges Government-5, Private-6, Deemed-1 (To be filled through MCC)
Recognized College Government-590, Private-250
Permitted College Government-120, Private-550
Cut-Off Government 19700
Cut-Off Private 343225
Cut-Off-Private-Muslim Minority 680800
Cut-Off-Private-Management 561180
Cut-Off-Private-Government Aided 16050


Salient Features of Haryana UG Counselling

  1. A bond of Rs. 10 lakhs is mandatory for students taking admission in a Government Medical College.
  2.  Free exit is only applicable in round 1. 
  3. A security deposit is required for Round 2 of counseling, and it will be adjusted against the tuition fee if a seat is allotted and admission is taken.
  4. If a student does not get any seat, the security deposit will be refunded after all rounds of counselling are completed.
  5. If a student does not report to the college in Round 2 after getting a seat, the security deposit will be forfeited.
  6. The verification of documents will be done after the seat is allotted.
  7. It is mandatory to lock the choices in every round, or else the student will not be considered for the allotment.
  8. During the mop-up round, a partial fee will be collected on the spot.
  9. Fresh registration will open before every round of counselling.

Eligibility Criteria In Haryana NEET Counselling 2023

  1. In order to be eligible, students are required to clear the NEET examination.
  2. Only Indian citizens are eligible to claim seats under the categories of Government, Private, or Management.
  3. Foreign nationals are permitted to apply for NRI quota seats.
  4. Non-domicile students can only apply for Private Medical/Dental seats.
  5. Domicile students are eligible to apply for seats in Government, Government-aided Private, and Private institutions.
  6. Students must have cleared their class 12th examination or any equivalent examination.

Type of Seats In Haryana

  1. Government seat: This refers to the seats offered in Haryana's government medical or dental colleges and are available only to domicile candidates.
  2. Government-aided private: These are seats in private medical colleges that receive government subsidies and are open to domicile students in Haryana.
  3. Private seat: These are seats available in Haryana's private medical or dental colleges, and both domicile and non-domicile candidates can apply.
  4. Muslim minority seat: These seats are reserved in Haryana's private medical colleges for Muslim minority students.

Steps Involved In The Haryana NEET UG Counselling Process

  1. Create your personal login ID and password by registering on the official website www.dedharyana.org
  2. After creating your login ID and password, use them to access your account and fill in your academic details.
  3. Submit the registration fee of Rs. 4000 (or Rs. 1000 for the reserved category) through an online payment system.
  4. Indicate your preferences for college or program through the online portal.
  5. Review the final outcome of the counselling process to determine your status.
  6. If selected, make the necessary payment online and download your allotment letter.
  7. Attend Pt. BD Sharma University, Rohtak, for verification of your documents.
  8. After reporting, download your admission order.
  9. Take your document verification slip and admission order to your designated college.
  10. Make any remaining payments required by the college.
  11. If you want to upgrade your seat or program, you can keep your existing college and complete a new choice filling process in Round 2.
  12. Students who completed registration for Round 1 do not need to register again for Round 2 or Mop Up.

Choice After Allotment of Seat

Option 1: If you are satisfied with the college allotted to you, then you should go to Pt. B.D. Sharma University in Rohtak to authenticate your documents and then proceed to report to the college you've been allotted.

Option 2: If you're satisfied but wish to upgrade your college in the next round, you can select the option to retain your seat and participate in fresh choice filling during Round 2.

Option 3: If you are not satisfied with the college allotted to you and wish to participate in the next round, you can skip reporting to the allotted college and instead attend the choice filling in Round 2.

Fee Structure of MBBS In Haryana

A differential fee structure is offered by Get My University in Haryana and it varies from one college to another.

Haryana provides varying fee structures across its different colleges, with private medical colleges charging the same fees for both domicile and non-domicile students. However, recent changes made to government colleges, such as the introduction of a bond, have made them more expensive to attend. As a result, the privately-owned Maharaja Agrasen Medical College, which is government-sponsored, has become a more appealing and cost-effective choice for students seeking an affordable option.

Type of Seat Type of College Category Eligiblity Fee Range
Government Government Same For All Haryana Domicile 80,000-100,000
Private Private  Same For All Haryana Domicile 1200,000-1800,000
Muslim Minority Private Same For All Muslin Minority 14,25,000
Government Aided Private Private Same For All Haryana Domicile 1,80,000
Management Private Same For All Open For All 1,20,000-1,80,000


Security Deposit

College Type Amount
Government Medical College INR 10,000
Private Medical College INR 100,000
Dental Medical College INR 100,000


The payment for the security deposit is due in the second round of counselling. It can be refunded if the student joins the allotted college after seat allotment. However, it becomes non-refundable if the student does not join the allotted college after round 2

Bond Conditions In Government Medical College of Haryana
In 2020, the Government of Haryana introduced a new resolution that mandates students who take admission in Government Medical College to sign a 7-year Service Bond. This bond requires the payment of a bond amount every year and serves as a condition for admission. The primary objective of this decision is to engage fresh graduates to serve in government-run hospitals, especially in rural areas. Although rural service was required before, the implementation of a financial implication is a new approach to address the shortage of doctors in rural India.  By doing so, students from poor backgrounds will be obliged to serve as they may not be able to provide a large amount on their own.
Important points of Bond conditions:
  • Bond amount – 10 Lakhs
  • Service Tenure – 7 Years
  • Applicability – Only for Government Medical Colleges
  • The government cannot provide a guarantee of employment in government hospitals.
  • If somehow any person could not, find a job will have to pay bond amount by themselves
The government will help the student in obtaining a loan to pay for the Bond amount and will continue to cover the repayment expenses as long as the student is employed.

Get My University Analysis 

The counselling process for medical colleges in Haryana often has surprising outcomes for students. In the first round, the cut-off is typically very high, but there is often a significant decline in cut-off in the second round or mop-up round. The implementation of a bond in government medical colleges in 2020 led to a decrease in the cut-off for government seats, which caused Haryana students who had previously opted for private medical colleges in other states due to high cut-offs to start choosing government seats in Haryana instead.

When comparing private medical colleges in Haryana to similar options in other states, we found that students can choose Haryana colleges based on factors such as cost, location, and there is a significant growth in academics. 

This is especially true when considering the potential barriers of language and living conditions that may exist in other states. Additionally, we found that students with moderate scores of 500+ were choosing to attend medical colleges in Haryana when they could have potentially received better college options within the same cost range in other states. 

Our suggestion for medical aspirants is to thoroughly discuss and analyse all available options before making a decision. It's important to avoid jumping to conclusions and to seek out proper information in a timely manner. There are better options available, provided that students have access to the right information.

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World College of Medical Sciences & Researc Jhajjar Haryana

  • Jhajhar, Haryana
  • Private
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹1200000

Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Government Medical College Nalhar

  • Mewat, Haryana
  • Public
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹-

Pt. B D Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Rohtak

  • Rohtak, Haryana
  • Public
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹80000

N.C. Medical College & Hospital Panipat

  • Panipat, Haryana
  • Private
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹1200000

Maharaja Agrasen Medical College Agroha

  • Hisar, Haryana
  • Private
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹-

Kalpana Chawala Govt. Medical College Karnal

  • Karnal, Haryana
  • Public
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹80000

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences SGT Medical College Gurgaon

  • Gurugram, Haryana
  • Private
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹1800000

Employees State Insurance Corporation Medical College Faridabad

  • Faridabad, Haryana
  • Public
  • Exams: NEET
  • Fees per year: ₹100000

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