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MBBS in Kazakhstan can be a viable option for MBBS aspirants, who are looking for a country with an excellent medical learning reputation.  Kazakhstan is home to many top-ranked medical colleges and universities with some of the most renowned medical colleges.

Kazakhstan is a country that is located in both Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It is one of the largest landlocked countries in the world and ranks ninth in terms of area.

The country has a strategic location and shares borders with some of the major countries in the region, including Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

Compared to other nations, studying medicine in Kazakhstan is reasonably priced and the cost of living is relatively low. The MBBS program in Kazakhstan is widely recognized for its high-quality medical education that is delivered at a fair and inexpensive price, making it a very reasonable and affordable option for students.

Kazakhstan boasts a number of esteemed medical universities that offer MBBS programs taught in English, which facilitates comprehension and simplifies the studying process for foreign students. 

As well as Kazakhstan has made significant progress in recent years in terms of improving its study patterns and the infrastructure of its colleges. The country has invested heavily in modernizing its education system and has implemented several reforms to improve the quality of education. 

The following are some of the typical disadvantages of MBBS in Kazakhstan -

  • CLIMATE- The climate in Kazakhstan can be quite challenging for Indian students as temperatures can drop to around 0 degrees Celsius for a period of 3-4 months.  However, students do not face any problems in studying because the hostel, classrooms are all centrally heated.  

  • BILINGUAL COURSE - There are many medical colleges in Kazakhstan that offer a bilingual program in which the first year is taught in English and the remaining years are taught in the local language.  As a result, it is very difficult for Indian students to achieve good grades and have a low chance of passing the NEXT exam in India. So it is extremely important that Indian students choose only English medium for MBBS. 

  • DURATION - The course duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan is 5 + 1 year (Internship) which is slightly longer compared to some other countries. 

  • LOCAL LANGUAGE - Students might face little problems while having conversations in the local language with the native people of Kazakhstan. It may take some time for students to adjust to the language and become proficient in it. 


  • Currency is stronger - The Indian rupee is a strong currency compared to the Kazakhstan currency which is “TANGE”. 1 Kazakhstan Tange is equal to 0.18 Indian rupees  (In 2023). 
  • Teacher and student ratio - The teacher-to-student ratio for MBBS is favorable, with 1 teacher for every 15 to 20 students.
  • Education System - The education system in Kazakhstan aims to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience that encompasses both theoretical and practical knowledge. It gives medical students a complete learning experience.
  • Diverse culture - Kazakhstan has a diverse and rich culture, and people are generally known to be friendly and welcoming to visitors and international students. 
  • Living expenses are low  - The cost of living in Kazakhstan is relatively affordable compared to other European countries. 
  • Globally accepted medical degree - The medical universities in Kazakhstan are recognized by several international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).
  • Securing a seat is easy - Securing a seat for MBBS in Kazakhstan is relatively easy compared to other nations, and the process of allotment of seats is straightforward. The admission process is transparent and streamlined. 
  • Low eligibility for admission - One of the major advantages of pursuing an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan is that students do not need to prove their language proficiency by appearing for exams like IELTS and TOEFL. 

The eligibility criteria for admission to the MBBS program in Kazakhstan are also relatively minimal.  Students need to have scored at least 50% to 65% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th class, along with qualifying for the NEET exam. 

  • Vacation during the MBBS in Kazakhstan- International students pursuing an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan are usually granted a summer vacation of 30-40 days in the months of July and August, depending on their final exam schedule. 

During this time, students have the option to either stay in Kazakhstan or travel back to their home country. Additionally, students also have a break of 7-8 days during Christmas. This allows students to take some time off from studying.

  • International exposure: Studying in Kazakhstan exposes students to a diverse community of fellow students and faculty from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Career opportunities: After completing an MBBS program in Kazakhstan, graduates can pursue a career in medicine in Kazakhstan or any other country, as the degree is globally recognized.

The wide range of medical specialties offered in Kazakhstan has made it a favored choice among Indian students who are seeking to pursue their MBBS studies abroad.

The country has a well-established education system and offers high-quality medical education at an affordable cost.

Planning your budget

How much does it cost to study in the MBBS In Kazakhstan?


Student In Flow More Than 5000 Every Year
Course Duration 5 Years 
Language Of Syllabus English
Ratio Of Teacher and Students 1:15 (GOOD)
MBBS Fee (Min) 25 Lakh
Eligibility Marks 50% combined in Phy. + Chem. + Bio.
Is NEET Mandatory Yes
Cost Of Living 8k to 12k Per Month
Are Most of The Colleges Reputated? Yes, many of them are recognized

Admission Process

Step by Step - 

1. To begin the admission process, aspirants have to fill out and submit an online application form. 

While filling out the form, you should be careful. A tiny mistake can result in delays or rejection of the application.

Personal information - 

2. Name, contact details, and educational background must be provided. 

Once submitted, the admission committee will evaluate the application before requesting necessary verification documents such as academic records, birth certificates, passports, and medical fitness certificates. 

The student will then be interviewed to assess their communication skills, knowledge of the course, and overall aptitude. 

The final step involves payment of tuition fees, which varies depending on the university. After paying the tuition fees, the student will receive an admission letter, which confirms the completion of the admission process.

Required Documents for MBBS in Kazakhstan 

  • A valid passport copy of the student is required for at least six months.
  • The student must provide a copy of their school or college leaving certificate or transcript.
  • A medical certificate is a requirement for MBBS in Kazakhstan.
  • The student needs to show proof of having medical insurance.
  • Both the student and guardian need to sign the application form.
  • A valid NEET scorecard is a requirement.

The above-mentioned documents are necessary for studying Medicine in Kazakhstan. 

After the submission of these documents, the application will be assessed and the student will be notified upon approval.

Cost Of Living

Here are the expenses, you might have in Kazakhstan during pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan

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Our FAQ's

1. Is MBBS in Kazakhstan, worth considering?

Many students look for the opportunity to go abroad for MBBS, but many of them drop the plan because of the expenses. Kazakhstan is a reliable option for students seeking to study MBBS abroad as it offers low costs for various expenses such as tuition and living, coupled with strict safety measures in the country.

The process of applying for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is relatively straightforward, but some students may lack clarity on how to proceed. In such cases, seeking guidance from an experienced consultancy service such as Get My University can be immensely helpful. With our extensive experience in MBBS abroad counseling, we can provide valuable insights and guidance to students, making the application process smoother and hassle-free.

Yes, as a democratic nation, Kazakstan has proper rules and regulations to maintain the proper law and order in the nation. However, you have to be careful to save yourself from becoming a victim of petty theft. Overall, the country has strict regulations to make it a peace-loving nation.

Every year, more than 5000 Indian students go to Kazakhstan to pursue an MBBS degree.

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