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Want to study for free in abroad? YES. You heard it right!  It's free to study MBBS in Italy. Let us explore how is this possible.

This content will assist you with complete guidance about pursuing MBBS in Italy for Indian students.

If you are exploring medical education outside with good academic records then, you possess a good chance to study MBBS for free in Italy.

Italy offers one of the best scholarships with the best education across the globe and your hard work can undoubtedly land you a position at one of Italy's top medical schools.

Let's learn more about why studying MBBS in Italy is a good idea.

Advantages of MBBS in Italy

  1. High Standard of Living

According to the World Bank's data, the standard of living is unquestionably high, with a gross total income per capita of $36,660 and a human development index of 0.898. Furthermore, it has a strong social welfare system and wide-ranging access to healthcare and education, so it is certain that students studying medicine in Italy will enjoy a high level of living.

  1. Access to European Union Countries

Students who study MBBS in Italy have access to the countries of the European Union since they are given a Schengen visa, which enables them to travel to and practice medicine in any Schengen country without the requirement of separate visa.

  1. Finest Education with world-class mentorship

The fact that all medical colleges in Italy uphold high teaching standards with cutting-edge methodologies and a primary focus on practical knowledge makes studying MBBS in Italy a fantastic choice.

  1. World-Class Infrastructure

It is more pleasant for students to have a positive training experience at MBBS Colleges in Italy as Italy offer the greatest top-notch infrastructure and cutting-edge medical technology.

  1. 100% Scholarship

All medical universities do not accept donations, thus medical colleges only offer 100 % Scholarships to students who perform well academically.

  1. Globally Recognised

Due to the fact Russia has globally recognised universities that have received approval from the NMC and WHO, medical students are qualified to practice anywhere in the globe.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Italy

  1. Language Barrier

The prime disadvantage which students shall definitely be facing would be the language barrier as in Italy, the local people speak Italian. So, outside the campus if students explore other nearby places, they will face issues.

However, the MBBS Colleges in Italy provide Italian language classes for students so that they can learn the local language fast. But not all can learn a local language very easily. As the highly competitive exam is a major exam to clear which is already something to stress upon. And then, learning local language will also be added which will make students' future stressful.

  1. Cold Climate

Due to most of the time, the climate is cold, it becomes hard to adapt the weather which sometimes becomes difficult for student to live in.

  1. High Scores in IMAT Exam

Due to the high level of competition at Italy's best medical universities, admission there requires a lot of extra work.

  1. Complicated Visa Approval

There is a necessity to provide a bank statement and must have a bank balance of Rs. 30 Lakhs, and other documents that will be required in order to apply for Ukraine Visa. Due to this, there are high chances of rejection if even one document is missing.

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Why studying MBBS in Italy is a good option?

  • Italy holds the fourth-highest global ranking in the healthcare sector. So, studying MBBS in Italy is unquestionably a fantastic choice because of its exceptional reputation in the field of higher medical education.
  • The fact that the MBBS in Italy scholarship is 100% is another excellent reason to select Italy. A student receives a scholarship that covers not only their tuition costs but also their living expenses in the hostel and other personal expenses. What more could a student really ask for?
  • Even if the students do not receive scholarships, there will be no issue because the medical school's tuition fees in Italy is reasonable and affordable for all students.
  • And all the MBBS Colleges in Italy possess very high standards and are approved by World Health Organization (WHO) and other accredited agencies.
  • MBBS in Italy for International students is considered as a boon because they will receive nothing less than the greatest education possible at the most affordable price.


In Italy, entrance is challenging due to intense competition. It is extremely difficult to secure a seat because there are only 13 public institutions and 543 MBBS seats. With only 244 seats available, studying for an MBBS in Italy may seem difficult for international students, but definitely not impossible.

Planning your budget

How much does it cost to study in the MBBS In Italy?

Indian students have a wonderful but also reasonable choice to pursue an MBBS in Italy because of the affordable tuition. A medical student can also submit fiscal documentation, get it translated and legalized, and then apply to the Italian embassy to explain their financial situation in order to receive a reduction in tuition fees.

As a result of the first-rate care and assistance that Italy offers, the number of students who desire to study in Italy is constantly rising.

Admission Process

Team Get My University would be there to make your MBBS admission process in Italy smooth and hassle-free. The fundamental steps to do are listed below:-

Step 1: Pre-Enrollment

Pre-Enrollment is required for all non-EU students because several colleges issue their admissions forms earlier than others. Students must therefore be informed of their release dates in order to avoid losing their chance to enroll in one of Italy's top medical schools. The application for pre-enrollment is made available in the beginning of July.

Step 2: Admission Test

International Medical Admission Test (IMAT Exam) is mandatory that every medical students have to give to get admission in any of the 13 public universities. The registration begins in July and ends at the end of the month.

Step 3: University Enrollment

The results of IMAT are released in 10 to 15 days. The ranking, however, takes longer. A student should gather the documents needed to apply for a visa while waiting for their rating to be revealed. Once the rankings are available, the student can then begin enrolling on the university websites online. further submitting the required documentation and paying the tuition fees.

After successful payment of the medical college selected by you, you can print your enrollment letter and start the VISA application process.

Documents Required for MBBS in Italy

Documentation is at the top of the list because it is the most crucial component for students to care for and prepare before pursuing an MBBS in Italy with the hopes of becoming doctors. So, listed below are some of the documentation students need to have.

Due to the significant possibility of a VISA cancellation in Italy, it is preferable to speak with the best MBBS Consultant before considering studying MBBS abroad. Team Get My University with all the necessary paperwork properly gathered, will ensure that our students' visas are accepted all at once and that they do not experience refusal.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Italy

Admission to the best medical universities in Italy is subject to a number of requirements. As a result, the prerequisites are as follows:-

  1. A student must obtain at least 60% score in 12th class in PCB
  2. Although taking the IELTS is not required because it is optional, doing so will undoubtedly improve students' careers by enhancing their reputation and increasing their chances of getting an appropriate position.
  3. IMAT Exam (International Medical Admission Test) which is mandatory for all.

If a medical student meets all these three criteria and is at least 17 years old, with no upper age limit, they can apply to the MBBS Programme in Italy.

MBBS Program Duration

Italy's MBBS programme lasts six years, which is similar to the duration of MBBS in Russia. Aspiring doctors receive theoretical instruction during the first three years of their study, followed by three years of clinical training. The whole course cost is between 500-5000 Euro per year.

About IMAT Exam

The Italian Ministry of Education conducts the IMAT Exam. Many institutions release their application materials between the 30th of June and the middle of July, with the exam date being the 30th of September.  So, students must submit applications as soon as the form releases because the admissions procedure is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.

IMAT Exam Syllabus

As IMAT is a required exam, it is crucial for all medical aspirants to be familiar with the syllabus in order to adequately prepare and score well.

Here are the topics covered in IMAT Syllabus:-

  1. Cultural & General Knowledge
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology
  5. Physics 
  6. Maths

12 questions are asked about cultural and general knowledge, followed by 10 for logical reasoning and 12 for chemistry. With 18 questions to complete, biology has the highest weighting. And the rest eight problems cover both maths and physics.

There are 60 questions overall, and the exam lasts for 100 minutes. 1.5 marks are awarded for each correct response, 0.4 for each incorrect response, and 0 for any attempts that were not made. The Top Medical Colleges in Italy are easily available if you receive marks in the range of 35 to 50.


It will require a lot of work on your part to be accepted into the top medical school in Italy because admission in Italy is heavily dependent on academic performance. You can undoubtedly get into the medical college of your choice with a respectable grade.

Get My University will be available to offer you all the assistance you'll need, from paperwork to being successfully admitted. We will make every effort to make your experience joyful and uncomplicated.

If you maintain your confidence and achieve a high score, your MBBS experience in Italy will be excellent. Rest assured, Get My University will manage and plan your expenses well!

Documents Required for MBBS in Italy:

  • HRD
  • Apostille
  • Translation
  • DOV (Declaration of value)
  • Visa Processing

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Cost Of Living

Italy is affordable not only in terms of education but also in terms of living. It is, however, possible for those who want to earn and work at the same time. As a student, you can work part-time in order to add to your income. As a result, we may claim that the cost of living is low in comparison to other European countries.

Here is the table informing about the cost of accommodation, food, and transport that a student will incur while studying MBBS in Italy.

Low High

Monthly Living Expenses


857-1000 USD


142-825 USD


28-42 USD


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Our FAQ's

1. What is the cost of MBBS in Italy?

The annual cost of tuition fee for an MBBS programme in Italy ranges from 500 to 5000 euros. This is due to the inexpensive cost of studying medicine in Italy.

A minimum score of 35 to 50 marks is required to enroll in one of Italy's top medical schools in order to study there. However, the minimum score

Similar to how medical students in India must pass the NEET test, a student must pass the mandatory IMAT in order to be admitted to Italy.

Yes! A lot of students want to study in Italy because of the country's great academics and reasonable tuition costs.

Due to the fact that Italy is the only country that provides MBBS applicants with a 100% scholarship, it is now more affordable for students to study medicine in Italy.

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