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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is one of the best options for Indian students. Many Indian students have achieved great milestones in the several NMC approved medical universities present in Kyrgyzstan. 

These universities are among the best places for medical students to pursue their dreams of being a medico. Among the other European countries, Kyrgyzstan has been considered to be the cheapest and most affordable country to pursue MBBS. According to the data provided by Wikipedia, more than 16,000 Indian students study here. The entire course fee ranges from 12 to 15 lakhs.




Kyrgyz; Russian


Kyrgyzstani som


1,309.39 USD


Not required

Course Fee

2.5 - 7 Lakh/Yr

Course Duration

5+1 Years

Cost of Living

150 USD/Month

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Why to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

  • There is a well-balanced teacher-to-student ratio in these medical universities. All the students are distributed evenly, so the classes are not overpopulated.
  • Medical universities of medicine in Kyrgyzstan have a higher ranking and reputation globally than the other international universities.
  • There are no mandatory entrance examinations required for these universities. Students just have to clear their NEET-UG examinations to seek admission.
  • No monetary donations are required to secure a seat in these universities. Admissions in these universities are purely based on merit only.
  • The medical teaching staff present in these universities is highly experienced.
  • The universities provide facilities like libraries, laboratories, sports complexes, and so on.
  • Currently, 45000 Indian students are pursuing their MBBS degrees in these universities.
  • The medium of study in these universities is English, and the course duration is shorter than most other international universities.
  • The living cost for the students living in Kyrgyzstan is quite nominal.
  • The medical universities provide preparatory coaching for FMGE and USMLE.

MBBS Universities In Kyrgyzstan

University Name Tuition Fee Hostel Fee Established City Duration
Kyrgyz State Medical University, Bishkek 4500USD 600USD 1939 Bishkek 5+1 Practice Year
Jalalabad Medical University 2950 USD 262USD 1993 Jalalabad 5+1 Practice Year
Asian Medical Institute, Kant 3260 USD 567USD 2004 Kant 5+1 Practice Year
International School of Medicine, Kyrgyzstan 5500USD 2,250USD 2003 Bishkek 5+1 Practice Year
Osh State Medical University, Osh 3450 USD 600USD 1993 Osh 5+1 Practice Year
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Eligibility To Take Admission In Kyrgyzstan For Mbbs

  • For applying for this course, the applicant must be at least 17 years of age.
  • The student must have a stable mental and physical state to be able to pursue the course.
  • The student must have scored at least an aggregate of 50% marks in the science stream for their 12th board’s examination from any recognized boards like ISC, CBSE, or HSC.
  • The students applying must have had Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th Boards examination.
  • The students applying must have cleared their NEET entrance examination.
  • The students must be prepared with all the necessary documents while applying
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Admission Process To Study MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

  • Step 1: The admission process of every medical college in Kyrgyzstan starts with the online application available at their respective official sites.
  • Step 2: Submission of the documents is the next step and those specifications of the documents are mentioned later.
  • Step 3: If you have been right so far, then the university will issue an admission letter as a confirmation of application acceptance.
  • Step 4: Now apply for a study visa to get entry rights in Kyrgyzstan to begin your journey of MBBS education.
  • Step 5: The last stage is to contact the Indian Embassy office in Kyrgyzstan to discuss further details.
  • Step 6: Finally, you are eligible to legally relocate to Kyrgyzstan to pursue your higher studies in medicine.
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Documents Required to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • Students need to have the notarized copy of the documents mentioned below for applying to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:
  • Valid passport with a blank page
  • Passport size photos (Colorful on plain white background)
  • A receipt of visa application fees
  • A letter of recommendation from the home country
  • Mark sheets of 10th & 12th academic year (Scanned copy)
  • No objection certificate from the parents/guardians
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Medical clearance record from any diseases like (HIV & Covid-19)
  • A certificate showing a non-criminal record of the candidate
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Visa Process for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • Visa needs to be applied before a few months prior to moving to Kyrgyzstan Visa needs to be applied in the Kyrgyzstan embassy in India.
  • Interviews will be taken for validation and confirmation of student documents.
  • The process of receiving the visa will take time off about 1 week or less.
Documents needed Passport, Official Admission letter, Academic Certificates, Birth Certificate, Passport size photos, Health Report,

Syllabus of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan




1ST Year (1ST Semester and 2nd Semester)Anatomy, Anatomy and History
2nd Year (3rd Semester and 4th Semester)Histology, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology
3rd Year (5th Semester and  6th Semester)Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Path Physiology
4th -5th (7th -10th Semester)

Clinical subjects and Clinical Postings

Oncology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychology, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Gynecology, ENT, Emergency Medicine and Cardiology

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Scholarships Provides For MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

These are few scholarships named here which are provided for MBBS program In Kyrgyzstan.

  • Education Future International Scholarship
  • John Monash Scholarships
  • UICC Technical Fellowships (UICC-TF)
  • SIT Zero Fees English Scholarship
  • Well Mountain Initiative Scholar Program 2021
  • Government scholarships are provided on merit basis, academic basis and sports based scholarship.
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Career Options: After Completing Mbbs Degree From Kyrgyzstan

  • After completing the MBBS degree, students could pursue a specific specialization in any respective medical field.
  • Students have the choice of selecting an MD degree or MS degree after completing their MBBS.
  • They can also be a part of several medical research programs held by the ICMR, AIIMS, TIFR, etc.
  • They can also practice as medical practitioners in private dispensaries.
  • They can also work in several government health centers and NGOs.
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Few Disadvantages Of Mbbs In Kyrgyzstan

  • The quality of education is average in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The weather of Kyrgyzstan cannot be suitable to every student who wishes to study there.
  • The passing percentage of FMGE is low around 18.4%
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About Kyrgyzstan

  • Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country that Kazakhstan envelops in the north-western region, China in the east-southern region, and Tajikistan in the south-western region.
  • The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek, having an area of about 198,500 sq. km.
  • The entire country has been segmented into the north and southern regions by the mountain ranges.
  • The Russians have influenced the Northern culture, whereas the southern culture has influenced the Uzbek traditions, respectively.

Frequently Asked Question

No, it’s not mandatory in every university to have an IELTS/TOEFL score.

The internship is mandatory for Doing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Yes, an MBBS degree completed in Kyrgyzstan is accepted worldwide.

The MBBS degree takes a total of 5 year with 1 year internship.


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