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top medical colleges in best wengal

Are you thinking about studying MBBS in West Bengal and have concerns about the standard of academics, living conditions, and clinical exposure at West Bengal's medical colleges? Then here is the list of the Top Medical colleges in West Bengal with every detail. Every student of medical needs to go through this blog so that they can have clarity about these colleges before they seek for admission. 

The college's list has been put according to preference, and to help medical aspirants to choose the best medical college among them. We have gone through deep research to get all the information, we do have the ground report of West Bengal colleges, as you can visit our YouTube channel. Before that read this post, which has analysis of the top medical colleges in West Bengal.

List of Top Medical Colleges in West Bengal 

Name of College Type of Seat Annual Intake Safe Score
KPC Medical College,Jadavpur, Jadavpur Management 150 510-520
IQ-City Medical College, Burdwan, Kolkata Management 150 150
Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Kolkata Management 150 150
ICARE Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Haldia Management 150 130
Gouri Devi Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Durgapur Management 150 130
Shri Ramkrishna Medical College and Sanaka Hospital To Be Updated 150 To Be Updated
Santiniketan Medical College, Bolpur Management 150 130


1. KPC Medical College 

KPC Medical is one of the top medical colleges in West Bengal, and it has everything any aspirants expect from a medical college. This medical college was established in the year 2008, is situated in Kolkata and is NMC recognized. One of the finest academic standards is the specialty of this college, apart from this the locality of this college is good to attract patients and on top of that, there is no need for a bank guarantee in the KPC medical college, where a bank guarantee is mandatory in all West Bengal’s Private medical colleges. 

Furthermore, this college boasts excellent connectivity, with convenient access to major airports and railways. It is situated just 15 km away from Howrah railway station and a mere 20 km from Kolkata Airport, making travel to and from the college a breeze.

  • Course Details - The total number of MBBS seats in KPC Medical College is 150 and for the PG course the total number of seats is 57 seats in 16 departments.
  • Locality -   With easy access to nearby metropolitan areas, students can enjoy all the benefits of city life without feeling isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Clinical Exposure - One of the major advantages of this college is that the hospital is located right on the campus, offering easy access to medical facilities for students and faculty alike. With a 750-bed teaching hospital, students can gain hands-on experience in a real-world medical setup.
  • Daily OPD- The daily attendees in OPD is 1400-1500 offering brilliant health service to the people around the hospital. 
  • Hostel - KPC Medical College offers good campus facilities, including top-notch hostels for students. The campus follows a strict code of conduct to ensure a safe and orderly environment for all. 

The only concern in this college is the fee payment structure, students need to pay the entire tuition fee in two years. Although the fee is less but due to such a payment schedule parents find it difficult to manage their funds. 


2. IQ City Medical College, Durgapur

IQ City is a Private medical college that was established in 2013 with an annual intake capacity of 150 for MBBS and seats for PG courses is 54. Courses for both PG and UG are available in this college for medical students. This medical college is popular due to its-

  • One of the best Infrastructure
  • Academic is strong
  • Patient flow is good
  • Pleasant Environment

Furthermore, IQ City Medical College's management team is dedicated to maintaining the campus. 

In the current scenario, the college has 798 beds with multi-specialties to cater to the health needs of the diverse group of patients. 

  • Prime Location - The college is situated in Durgapur, a city known for being an educational hub. It attracts students from different areas who come to pursue various streams, including engineering and other fields. Also, Durgapur is well connected with the city’s roads and highways.  The city is peaceful. 
  • Hospital - It is an 830 bedded teaching hospital and the hospital is situated inside the campus. The daily average OPD is 700 which is gradually increasing because most government health schemes regulate here.
  • Faculty -  The total number of faculty is 245 in college, who are solely dedicated to providing good education standards to students.
  • UG's Passing % - Passing percentage is 84%, and it is expected to improve in the future.
  • Fee For MBBS -  The total package for MBBS is 1.09 crore for 4.5 years.

This location offers a unique advantage for students, providing them with access to a wide range of academic and professional opportunities.

The college's fee structure is high, but its academic standard and location are its most attractive features. Moreover, one advantage of I.Q City Medical College is that it provides opportunities for students who may have low scores.

UG cut-off usually remains low at this college, because fee structure is on the higher side of the management quota. Bank Guarantee is mandatory in this college, which poses a problem for most of the students. But if you evaluate the college overall, it ranks well in other areas apart from the fee structure. 

Currently, the patient flow is decent, but students come with high expectations. Hence, as per the standard of IQ City, patient inflow could have been better 


3. Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences

JIMS West Bengal, founded in 2016, is a promising medical college that was established with the mission of providing quality healthcare and medical education. Since its inception, the college has remained faithful to its, and consistently delivered on its promise to provide the best medical service. Moreover, JIMSH Medical College in Kolkata is showing its potential by rapidly growing over the years.  

Both UG and PG medical courses are offered at JIMS. 

  • Infrastructure – Infrastructure is very good and well maintained. Students can find college, hospital and hostel along with other amenities all inside the campus.

From well-equipped classrooms and laboratories to advanced medical equipment and technology, every aspect of the campus is designed to provide a 360-degree learning experience. 

Its infrastructure includes a demo room with an intake capacity of 75 students at one time and a lecture theatre with a seating capacity of 180 students at a time.

  • Good patient inflow - The patient inflow in the hospital is good, as the hospital is situated around a rural area. As the primary medical facility for the surrounding rural community, this college plays a vital role in providing essential medical care that provides a good flow of patients.
  • Bank Guarantee – Students need to furnish a Bank guarantee equivalent to 3.5 years of the fee. This is the major constraint while opting for this college.

This college has a huge potential to grow both academically and clinically, if you wish to join a college which is futuristic and has good connectivity then you should look into this college as one of your preferred options. But make sure to figure out Bank guarantee well in advance.


4. I-Care, Haldia

I-Care, Haldia is a private medical college that was established in 2011 and is affiliated with the WBUHS and NMC. This medical college is 2nd oldest private medical college in West Bengal. Its long-standing reputation and history make it a natural choice for medical aspirants to choose it.

I-Care is a self-financed one of the top medical colleges in West Bengal. The college is situated on a spreading campus of 34 acres.  Prior to getting admitted to I-Care medical college, you will need to provide a bank guarantee.

  • Course Details - You can pursue both PG and UG medical college in this college. The annual intake for MBBS is 100 in this medical college. 
  • Fee Structure -  For students with domicile in West Bengal, the tuition fee at this college is 4,56,000/- per annum, while management quota seats which is open for all will cost you 18,24,000/-
  • Hospital -  The hospital name of I-Care is Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Hospital, Haldia which is surrounded by lush greenery, and is easily accessible for the best health service. Right now, the hospital has 500 teaching beds.
  • Library -  The medical college boasts a well-stocked library that contains all the necessary medical books. Covering an area of 1600 square meters, the library can accommodate up to 200 students for reading.

Being 2nd oldest private medical college, the expectation tends to be very high and somehow infrastructure is not very impressive, it needs immediate attention from the management otherwise other colleges in the State are expected to surpass this in upcoming years.


5. Gouri Devi, West Bengal

This medical college was established by the Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology and Management. The ethics and vision to impart quality but affordable teaching and training avenues to the masses led to the establishment of this college. Gouri Devi Medical College has a well-equipped infrastructure.

Established in 2016, Gouri Devi Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital Durgapur is a privately owned medical college in West Bengal that is affiliated with the West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Kolkata, and approved by the National Medical Council (NMC).

Both PG and UG courses are available in this medical college. 

Course- Gouri Devi Medical College Durgapur offers several undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including a popular 5.5-year MBBS program with a one-year internship, and has 150 seats available. The college has made significant progress in its academics since its establishment and continues to do so. In addition, bank guarantee is also required.

Hospital- Gouri Devi Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital has 670 teaching beds in the hospital. The patient inflow is observed to be increasing. However, the college is required to make efforts to improve its patient inflow.

Library- The library at this college covers an impressive area of 2500 square meters, with a seating capacity of 150 both inside and outside of the library.  Both Foreign and national journals are available in the library, the foreign journals are - 19 and Indians are - 42.

Healthcare- Healthcare facilities are also top-notch which makes this medical college worth considering. Students can have rich clinical experience in college.

This college has shown a very good improvement in academics as well as in health care due to which there is a positive development seen in the patient walk-ins. Campus is maintained properly, few infrastructure development specifically inside the hospital is needed, which is expected to be attended in near future.

6. Shri Ramkrishna Medical College and Sanaka Hospital

This medical college is NMC approved and established in the year 2015, moreover, the Sanaka Hospital Foundation was laid down to serve the underprivileged section of society. It is considered to be one of the top medical colleges in West Bengal, which is rapidly growing.

Shri Ramkrishna Medical College is affiliated with West Bengal Health University and it is permitted by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for running the MBBS course with 150 annual intakes. The outstanding feature of this medical college is the excellence of the teaching faculty. They are talented, committed successful Physicians, Surgeons, and Basic Science Teachers.

However, the college management needs to make an effort to increase patient intake in the future, in order to provide students with more opportunities. It is also required more attention from the management to keep this college well up to date with all the essential facilities to make it another Top Medical College in West Bengal.

 And, bank-guarantee is also applicable in SRMC.

  • Campus detail - This medical college has 385 bedded super specialty hospital and 10 emergency beds in a lush green 20+ acres campus. 
  • Location - Shri Ramkrishna Institute of Medical Sciences and Sanaka Hospitals is situated in the vicinity of Malandighi, Kanksha, Durgapur. The nearest airport is Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, which is approximately 34.5 kilometers away and takes around 40 minutes to reach the institute. The Durgapur Railway Station is the nearest train station, which is about 15.5 kilometers away and takes around 28 minutes to reach the institute campus.
  • Fee detail - The total payment of the fee that is required to pay is Rs. 99,11,000/- which includes tuition, hostel fee, etc.

According to our survey and feedback drew from the students, we found that the infrastructure is not maintained properly despite having huge scope. Patient inflow could have been better. Overall college is costly as well as has Bank guarantee which makes student to think about alternative option. If management takes necessary action towards overall development of the campus and other facilities, this college may rise more in future.


7. Shanti Niketan Medical College, Bolpur

Shanti Niketan Medical College, Bolpur West Bengal was established in 2020. This medical college has a 25-acre sprawling campus with an infrastructure that is well-equipped with important facilities. The hostel accommodates over 200 boys and girls. 

This medical college follows a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, with the hospital building being owned by the government. One of the biggest advantages of this model is that students get additional exposure to a diverse range of patients and medical cases, which enhances their learning experience.

Furthermore, Shanti Niketan Medical College is in the process of developing its own hospital with a capacity of 1100 beds, which will serve as a training ground for medical students. That is why it is included in the list of top medical colleges in West Bengal.

Given the current progress being made by the college, it is highly likely that it will establish itself as one of the Top medical colleges in West Bengal, providing students with a strong foundation and promising opportunities for the future.

Promising college

  • Skill Lab -  This medical college has a skill lab that provides students with hands-on experience using simulation technology, helping them to become proficient in the use of this technology when diagnosing patients.
  • Courses -  The available course in this medical college is UG medical only.
  • Hospital - The teaching hospital associated with the college currently has 428 beds. This medical college has established partnerships with both rural and urban health centers.

Daily average of patients -

Daily OPD attendance is - 816 patients

  • Faculty -  As of now, the faculty at the college consists of 154 members. However, as the college continues to make progress, the number of faculty members is expected to gradually increase.
  • Connectivity -   The college is conveniently accessible by both train and air transportation. It is situated only 6 kilometers away from Balpur railway station and approximately 80 kilometers away from Durgapur Airport.
  • Infrastructure -  The college campus spans 25 acres and is surrounded by lush greenery and agricultural development. The college management is also committed to providing a green environment for the students within the campus.
  • Hostel -  The hostel provides ample space, with open balconies and twin-sharing rooms. The mess facility provides both veg and non-veg foods. This medical college provides facilities that help students to adapt easily to their environment.
  • Fee -   At the medical college in West Bengal, the tuition fee is paid in two installments. Upon admission, students are required to pay 2 semesters' worth of tuition fees, which amounts to 18 lakh rupees, after admission, they can pay the fee on a semester-by-semester basis.

But, when we talk about the total package for MBBS in Shanti Niketan Medical College then that is 86.90 lakh rupees. 



West Bengal has a rich diversity and there is a huge demand of medical seats in this region. The above-mentioned list of Top Medical colleges in West Bengal was prepared after diligent research about the medical college by the Team Get My University.  We are the trusted platform for medical aspirants who long to get admission in top medical colleges in West Bengal. We must help you from the scratch, till admission, contact our consultant now to get profile based counselling.

When you are opting for a college in West Bengal make sure to clarify counselling rules and other requirements. Apart from KPC medical college rest, all will need you to furnish a bank guarantee, whereas KPC Medical College would ask you to pay the full course fee within 2 years, which creates financial pressure for some students. As a result, this often leads to a decline in the cut-off marks, which gradually decreases over time.

Feel free to contact Team Get My University if you need help to prevent yourself from making a wrong decision. You will get enough support from our experts from the start of your MBBS journey to the very conclusion. To gain additional knowledge, stay tuned to our blogs.




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