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For all aspiring medical students, choosing an MBBS programme is of utmost importance. While some desire to travel abroad, others have plans to visit India. There are many options for international travel, thus the decision of which country to visit also needs to be made.

We at Get My University are there to help you efficiently organise your MBBS journey. According to our opinion, studying MBBS in Russia would be a fantastic alternative for students as there are multiple advantages of studying MBBS in Russia.

You must be wondering why Russia, therefore we've put up a comprehensive guide on "Why Studying MBBS in Russia is a Smart Choice for Students" for you. We've thought of every possible scenario while taking into account the demands of students and now providing it to you all. In order to adequately understand MBBS in Russia, let's explore it.

Why is Russia For Studying MBBS?

Russia is a wonderful option if you're interested to study MBBS abroad with a less expensive fee structure, excellent facilities, high-quality infrastructure, and direct admission availability.

Since there is the availability of Indian food and hostel facilities, studying MBBS in Russia would give you a feeling that you are in India. So, pursuing your profession as a doctor from Russia will undoubtedly be a terrific choice because you'll have all the comfort just like home and no issue of the language barrier.

With a 99.6% literacy rate, Russia is reputed country to have the highest rate worldwide. In addition to this, studying MBBS in Russia offers an exceptional educational system that is superior to others at a reasonable price, which is the main reason of studying MBBS in Russia for international students.

Thus, all medical aspirants will acquire the best medical education and practical knowledge while studying MBBS in Russia as it is home to some of the best medical institutes in the globe and is tremendously a golden opportunity to study overseas at a reasonable rate.

Advantages of Studying MBSS in Russia

  1. Quality Education

Due to Russia's excellent medical expertise and training, there are currently over 10,000 students enrolled, and the number keeps growing. With this number, we can predict the quality of education served in Russia. Additionally, the Government of Russia offers educational subsidies, making the cost relatively inexpensive. When necessary, students can obtain medical care and insurance.

Additionally, there is a small class size that enables students to learn well and receive a quality education. As a result, teachers have more skills to pay attention to each student and aid in their training.

  1. High-tech Infrastructure and facilities

In contrast to other countries, Russia offers MBBS students a great learning experience that is significantly more technologically advanced. Students are taught the most up-to-date teaching techniques to help them learn medicine more effectively and become outstanding doctors in the future.

Along with cutting-edge technology, all necessary amenities are also offered, including private flats and hostels, Indian food, transportation, and an abundance of other things that make it easier for students to adjust to life in a foreign location.

The quality of teaching is increased and a significant deal of practical experience is provided through the simulation facilities of Russia's medical colleges, which include silicone bodies that function like human bodies.

  1. Global Recognition

The National Medical Council (NMC) has granted recognition to all Russian medical universities. Thus, students are free to practice wherever they wish to. And the best part about studying MBBS in Russia is that after completion of MBBS, students are awarded with MD (Physician) degree that is equivalent to MBBS in India.

  1. Simplified VISA Process

No interview is necessary, and the process typically takes 4-5 days. As a result, students will be able to apply and enroll in Russian universities with no difficulty.

  1. High Standard of Living

Over the last decade, Russia has improved its standard of living due to which it allows medical aspirants to spend a better quality of life.

  1. Multicultural environment

As students from various different nations apply, the students will have the experience to know the diverse cultures of other students studying at the college which will enable them to understand other cultures.

There are some of the important things that according to Get My University, a student needs to think about before deciding to study MBBS in Russia.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Pursuing MBBS in Russia

  1. In order to ensure that a student can practice anywhere in the world, the main consideration is to search for Russian universities that are recognised.
  2. Second, it's important to confirm that the college offers a full MBBS curriculum in English medium instruction. This is important because there are schools that offer bilingual education, which consists of half English medium instruction and half Russian language instruction.
  3. Making a budget in advance that takes into account everything that will make the MBBS trip easier, such as tuition costs, housing costs, and other expenses.

With these factors taken into account, a student will feel at rest, won't have any issues while studying medicine in the future, and will be able to give their whole attention to their MBBS studies.

After already knowing so much about MBBS in Russia, let us now look at the five main key factors of choosing Russia to study MBBS.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Russia

  1. Since most people in Russia speak Russian, it might be challenging for international students to communicate and seek assistance. Thus, for those who want to become doctors, language becomes a hurdle somewhere.

For some, this is a drawback, but from another angle, it can also be seen as a benefit because students receive the chance to learn Russian, which is taught in colleges in the first, second, and third years.

Actually, it is not a disadvantage. Instead, it is a requirement since, starting in their fourth year, students are exposed to patient interaction. Therefore, studying Russian is essential for medical students as they need to speak with patients. Without knowing Russian, a student will not be able to do so.

  1. Students struggle since certain Russian colleges do not accept bilingual education. So that there are no issues in the future, students must first confirm if the college offers a full MBBS programme in English.
  2. Another problem that causes some problems for Indian students is the cold temperature. From October to March, it is cold. Therefore, every medical student must take some precautions to stay safe as the temperature drops to -20.
  3. Vegetarians face a problem because non-vegetarian food is served the majority of the time. Students who are vegetarians must either prepare their own meals or join the Indian mess.

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Planning your budget

How much does it cost to study in the MBBS In Russia?

As MBBS in Russia Cost is affordable, students can easily pursue their medical education at most premier medical colleges in Russia. Russian Universities require a minimum of Rs.14-15 Lakhs and the maximum is Rs.50-55 lakhs. The cost includes both tuition as well as hostel fees.

Russian universities charge higher tuition than the Government Medical Colleges in India. However, private medical college in India charges more in fees than in Russia. As there is a steep price structure that starts at Rs. 9 Lakhs per year and goes up to 25 years, it is expensive.

Every coin, as we all know, has two faces; similarly, there are some commendable advantages as well as a few small drawbacks. Here are a few drawbacks to highlight in order to bring originality for students' comfort.

Admission Process

Russia offers the MBBS programme in two languages. One is in English, and the other in Russian. The Russian MBBS programme consists of a six-year degree and a one-year internship. And if Indian students choose to pursue a foreign medical education, they must pass the FMGE/NEXT exam in order to practice medicine in India after graduating.

The application and admissions process is very straightforward. Another advantage to be noted is that the Russian MBBS programme does not require an entrance exam, in contrast to other colleges. Now, let us learn the admission process that will be followed by students to apply for MBBS in Russia.

Step 1: Get advice from the MBBS Abroad Consultant to help you find and provide all the information you need, making it simple to proceed with the admission process for MBBS in Russia.

Step 2: Fill out the admission form for MBBS in Russia and submit the documents asked.

Step 3: Get an offer letter from the university

Step 4: Apply for a visa

Step 5: You are all set to board your flight to Russia and lead your journey of MBBS in Russia.

Eligibility for MBBS in Russia

Every student must comply with eligibility criteria in order to be admitted to the MBBS programme in Russia. The following are some of the prerequisites:

  • The student must be 17 years old by 31st December of the admission year
  • And in the 12th grade, students must receive a combined total of 50% in the subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • For admission to the Russian MBBS and BDS programs, Indian applicants must pass the NEET Exam.

Does Russia Fulfill FMGL Regulation 2021 Conditions For Indian Students?

There are 4 conditions which are being prescribed by National Medical Council for the students who want to pursue their Medical Education from abroad and have to fulfil them for their eligibility to sit for exit exam NEXT in India. 

Though Russia complies with all the FMGL Regulation 2021 but it is much necessary to understand the untold aspects impacting MBBS in Russia post FMGL regulations. 

Condition 1: Duration of Program - Russia fulfil duration condition as the program duration is 72 months as required by NMC of minimum of 54 months.

Condition 2: English Medium Teaching - Medical Education in most of the institutions is conducted in English which needs to be thoroughly checked by the students 

Condition 3: Internship - There is a confusion amongst students about the duration of the program and whether internship will be counted as part of the six-year curriculum. We have to understand that before this regulation MBBS in Russia was a 6 year program without internship which is now propagated as 6 years including internship. This is also confirmed by Embassy of India in Moscow but Team Get My University in our research believe it will be a 6 year + 1 year Internship. 

Condition 4: License to Practice - There are now two circumstances, nevertheless, where there is confusion. One is the required registration with the Russian Ministry of Health, and the other is a specific licensing exam in the Russian language. This causes confusion among students over the duration of the MBBS programme.

For those students who were enrolled before November 18, 2021, the MBBS programme will last a minimum of six years however post the implementation of FMGL 2021 requirements, an individual must complete 1-6 years of MBBS in Russia, pass the special licensing exam in Russian, apply for registration with the Russian Ministry of Health, and then take the NEXT 1 exam. Finally, they must complete a year-long internship before they can apply for licensure. This new process post FMGL regulation now makes MBBS in Russia duration of 8.5 years. 

Ready to enroll for MBBS in Russia? Here are the documents that you will need in order to apply while getting admission in Russia. The documents are as follows:-:

  • Class 10th and 12th grade scanned mark sheet
  • NEET Result
  • 6 Passport size, colored photographs in white background
  • Scanned copy of passport (first and last page)

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Cost Of Living

Similar to how the fee structure is reasonable, so too is the cost of the accommodations for MBBS in Russia. Also, the students have the chance to pick between private residences or hostels. Thus, students won't have any issues with living as the students would only incur about 5-10k monthly costs for other prerequisites. Overall, studying MBBS in Russia offers the best value due to its price. 

Two universities, Kazan Federal University, and Kazan State Medical University, provide the MBBS programme. So, at Kazan Federal University, housing for the government medical college costs 2 000 rubles, compared to 600 rubles for private housing. In contrast, private medical colleges at Kazan State Medical University cost 9–10k rubles per month, while private apartments cost 6-7k rubles.

It is now obvious that medical aspirants won't have any problem with the cost of living.

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Our FAQ's

1. Is Russia good for MBBS?

Yes, Russia is a desirable option to pursue MBBS in abroad. As, students can find world class infrastructure in Russia at highly discounted fees along with necessary facilities they would need.

As a requirement for eligibility, Indian applicants must pass the NEET exam in order to apply for MBBS in Russia.

Definitely, It is safe to pursue MBBS in Russia. The college opted will provide students with complete security, as well as the option of a hostel. There is Indian food also available for Indian students, making it more suited for students.

The MBBS programme in Russia takes six years to complete, including an internship year. The student must, however, be at least 17 years old and have earned 50% of the marks in 12th grade.

At highly discounted fees, best of infrastructure and facilities are provided if you opt to study MBBS in Russia. Moreover, Russian universities award the MD degree in medicine, whereas Indian universities award the MBBS degree to students.

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