Top 10 Medical Colleges in Telangana

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top 10 medical colleges  in Telangana

Top Medical Colleges in Telangana are emerging destinations for medical programs, because of the presence of several renowned medical faculties and strong academics. 

But, Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 Private medical colleges in Telangana. All these colleges have been arranged after diligent research, so students can choose the best among them.

MBBS colleges in Telangana have a diverse diaspora that provides students with exposure to different cultures and educational experiences. That makes students more credible to handle different patients from different cultures. That is what makes them a skilled medical professional. From Telangana, many professionals have passed out successfully. The clinical structure of these colleges is pretty impressive. Having searched in depth we have gathered data about the top 10 medical colleges in Telangana.

Key Details of Medical Colleges in Telangana

Number of Medical Colleges


Total Seats (approximately)


Admission Through


50% of the seats in the private colleges are exclusively reserved for students who are residents of Telangana and these seats are assigned to students based on the government-determined fee structure. This ultimately results in a reduction in the fee structure for those students who are eligible to apply for reserved seats. The ‘A’ category is reserved for Telangana students. 

Seat Sharing Formula for MBBS in Telangana medical colleges -

In the year 2022, Telangana implemented a new reform specifically related to seat sharing in private medical colleges.

Before 2022, 100% of the 'B' category seats were open to all students, regardless of whether they were from Telangana or from any other location. Every student had the same stake in those seats, but from 2022 onwards out of these 35% of the ‘B’ category seats only 15% of the seats were made open to everyone. Whereas, 85% of the ‘B’ category seats were reserved for the Telangana student. 

The same was implemented for the 2022 session. In the private medical colleges, the allocation of seats is divided into two categories. Out of the total 100% of seats available in the private medical college, 50% of the seats were designated as government quota seats, while the remaining 50% were allocated as management quota seats.

The recent reforms in the admission process may have caused some confusion, but ultimately, deserving students, both from Telangana and outside, were able to obtain seats in the college.

How is Telangana a destination for MBBS?

Telangana is an amazing and pious destination for medical students, as there are a lot of colleges with strong academics and outstanding infrastructure. Whereas, there are some colleges that require improvements, despite of this Telangana is still the best destination for UG and PG medical programs. 

Applying to both government and private medical colleges gives students a variety of options depending on their preferences and financial capability. As part of our discussion, we have ranked the Top Private Medical Colleges in Telangana based on their status and credibility. So, students can choose the best among them. You can consider them before you opt for the NEET 2023 counseling process.

 Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Telangana 

1. Apollo Medical College, Hyderabad

Apollo Hospital has secured the top position on our list, as it has surpassed many prestigious medical colleges in the state, and its perseverance in providing excellent clinical medical education has produced some outstanding medical professionals. Among the top 10 private medical colleges in Telangana, this medical college has an exceptional output and all of the necessary medical facilities.

Overview:- Apollo Medical College was established in 2012, and since then it has become a renowned brand in the field of medical education, both nationally and internationally. Moreover, the locality of this is amazing, as it is located in the heart of the city that provides good connectivity with airports and railways.

Courses:- Both PG and UG programs are available in this medical college which has 150 MBBS seats and 36 PG seats.

Hospital:- This medical hospital is equipped with a total of 500 beds and boasts state-of-the-art surgery and medical equipment.

2. Mamata Medical College Khammam

Second on our list, is Mamata Medical College Khammam which has gained a prestigious spot among the Top medical colleges in Telangana, this college has knowledgeable faculties and an environment that support learning and growth. It has invested heavily in creating a top-notch infrastructure to support the growth of students.

Overview:- This medical college was established in the year 1998 with the vision to cater to the health need of the community and medical aspirants. 

This medical College’s campus covers an area of 40 acres, with a total built-up area of 90,935 square meters that includes both the college building and the hospital. The college building is four floors in total and houses various departments, four gallery lecture halls, a medical education unit, and separate common rooms for male and female students.

Hospital:- There are 1000 teaching beds in this medical college, across different medical and surgical departments. Moreover, Currently, the Mamta Medical College’s hospital serves an average of 60,000 outpatients and 2900 admissions per month, while conducting around 3100 major and minor surgeries. The hospital is also equipped with 8 well-equipped ICUs to provide top-notch care to patients.

Courses:- This medical college has PG, UG, and super specialty medical courses. 

  • MBBS seats are - 150 
  • PG seats are - 78

3. KIMS (Krishna Institute of Medical Science)

KIMS Medical College in Telangana has been included in the top 30 medical colleges in India in the NRF rankings 2022, which means that it is not only one of the Best Private Medical colleges in Telangana but also counted among the Best medical colleges in the country.

Overview:- KIMS medical college is recognized by the Medical Council of India and is affiliated with Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences. It is currently in the process of obtaining Deemed University status, which would further enhance its academic and research capabilities.

Established in 2000, the college is situated in a peaceful environment, surrounded by a beautiful landscape that creates a calm atmosphere on the campus.  With a strong vision and unwavering commitment, KIMS Medical College strives to become one of the top medical colleges in Telangana. Their dedication on serving the community by providing excellent healthcare education and services is splendid.

The medical college hospital situated in Narketpally plays a crucial role in catering to the healthcare needs of the rural population in and around the vicinity. The hospital provides essential medical services and treatments to the people residing in remote areas, who might not have access to advanced healthcare facilities in the region.

Courses:- Both UG and PG courses are available in this medical college. Initially, Initially, the number of seats in the medical college was 100, which was later increased to 150 in 2006. However, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare raised the number of seats to 200 in 2015.

The medical college started offering post-graduate courses in the year 2008, with the aim of providing students with exposure to top-notch medical programs.

Infrastructure:- The college's facilities are quite impressive, including spacious lecture halls designed in a gallery-style layout and equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia presentation aids. The campus also features a 650-seating capacity auditorium and a 1250-chair theater, both fully air-conditioned and fitted with digital multimedia systems.

Hospital:- The Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) is a teaching hospital with a capacity of 1030 beds, offering broad and super specialty branches. The infrastructure of the hospital, including the equipment and buildings, meets the norms set by the National Medical Commission in New Delhi.

Moreover, This hospital’s infrastructure includes -

  • 12 operation theatre
  • And, major care units for the patients.

Hostel:- There are separate hostels available for male and female students at Mahavir Institute of Medical Sciences, with a total capacity of more than 1200 students.

Location:- This medical college is situated in Sreepuram, Narketpally, Nalgonda District. The Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) is conveniently located around 89  kilometers from Hyderabad and 190 kilometers from Vijayawada, right along National Highway 9. 

4. Mediciti Institute of Medical Science 

MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences is established at Ghanpur, in the district of Mulugu in the state of Telangana in India. MIMS was established in 2002-2003 with an annual intake of 100 students.

The college is spread over an area of 40 acres in the MediCiti campus of 200 acres, in lush greenery, hillocks & lake, only 30 km away from Hyderabad city.

Courses:- MIMS offers a total of 100 MBBS seats and 65 PG seats for admission to various medical programs.

Hospital:- The MediCiti Hospital, a multi-specialty hospital with 720 beds, has been operational in Ghanpur since 1992 and is affiliated with the MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS). 

Furthermore, a 300-bed multi-specialty hospital that has been operational on the MIMS campus since 1992 was affiliated with the college to transform it into a full-fledged teaching institution under the purview of Dr. NTR Health University.

5. Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Science 

Malla Reddy Medical College for Women is a private medical college that began its operations in 2013 with an intake capacity of 150 students. The college was established with the permission of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, based on the recommendations of the Medical Council of India. Malla Reddy Medical College for Women is affiliated with the Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences.

Hospital:- Located in Suraram, Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital is a teaching hospital affiliated with Malla Reddy Medical College for Women. It boasts a capacity of 1050 beds, providing comprehensive healthcare services.

There are a total of 14 Operations Theatres which include 11 Major and 3 Minor Operation Theatres and all these operation theatres are well equipped with Surgery Equipment. 

Library:- Across various departments, the Malla Reddy Medical College library has a substantial collection of academic resources. Specifically, they have approximately 7500 books available for reference and study purposes. Additionally, they maintain a collection of 69 journals, including 50 national journals and 19 international journals.

6. SVS Medical College, Yenugonda, Telangana

SVS medical college is affiliated with Dr. NTR University of Health Science, Vijayawada, and is an MCI-approved college. The standard of education at SVS medical college is good and the availability of every required material for being a successful health professional.  We can say that SVS  Medical College is one of the Top Medical Colleges in Telangana, which caters to the need of many medical students and millions of people for healthcare. 

Campus Facilities:- The total built-up area of this medical college is 92,000 sq. meters whereas, all facilities are available as per the norms of MCI. There are a total of 5 lecture theatres in the college and hospital.

Moreover, there are 13 departmental laboratories that include - Physiology, Pathology, and more.

Hospital:- 720 beds are available at a teaching hospital for students to gain practical experience. Moreover, in this medical hospital, there are units of the ICU, and Cath Lab, and to work with much more advanced machinery to become the best healthcare professional. 

Central Library:- SVS Medical College has a total intake of 150 students for the MBBS program, while for postgraduate studies, there are a total of 128 seats available across various departments including Medical, Surgical, and Pre and Para Medical.

7. RVM Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre 

Established in 2009, R.V.M Hospital aims to serve the community and become a pioneer in Laxmakkapelly, specifically in Siddipet District. It strives to develop a distinctive and strong bond with the local community, taking on the responsibility to provide comprehensive and high-quality healthcare services. 

RVM Institute is affiliated with Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences and approved by the Medical Council of India. The college offers undergraduate courses in medicine (MBBS) and postgraduate courses in various specialties.  

The institute also has a well-stocked library, well-equipped labs, and a modern hospital that caters to the healthcare needs of the community.

Courses:- RVM Institute provides various courses that include -  

  • MBBS 
  • Super - Speciality medical course
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • All MD/MS/Diploma

Hospital:- The total number of beds in this medical college is 1110, with the departments such as - 

  • Medicine and allies. 
  • Surgery and allied.
  • OBG
  • Medicine

Also, in this hospital, there are 6 wards with the specialty of ICU, ICCU, SICU, CASUALTY, PICU, and NICU.

8.Kamineni Academy of Medical Science 

Kaminenei Academy of Medical Science was established in 2012 with the vision of quality medical education and selfless medical care and its dedication and ethics in work have made it one of the best private medical colleges in Telangana. 

The aim was to offer medical education to the residents of the Telangana region. 

Overview:- With, more than 2 decades of service whether it is providing the best education of MBBS in Telangana or the health care service, this medical college has proven itself to be the best MBBS college in Telangana, many medical professionals have successfully graduated from this medical college. 

The college has been granted by the MCI in 2013 with an annual intake of 150 for MBBS.  There are 10 acres of buildings on the campus of Kaminenei Academy of Medical Science.

Hospital:- The hospital of Kaminenei Academy of Medical Science was established in 1991 and since then it has been running successfully.  Furthermore, indoor facilities are provided with 650 teaching beds spread over 24 rooms.

Courses:- Both PG and UG courses are available in the Kaminenei Academy of Medical Science.

9. Bhaskar Medical College and General Hospital 

Bhaskar Medical College is a well-known medical college located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The college was established in the year 2005 and is affiliated with Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada.

Hospital:- Bhaskar General Hospital has a total of 820 beds, including specialized sections for general surgery, orthopedics, tuberculosis, chest, and for other medical conditions.

Library:- The central library of the college is situated in a separate building and offers a peaceful atmosphere to the students. It has an extensive collection of educational resources, including 15,552 books, 95 Indian and 48 foreign journals, and over 2,725 online journals and 500 online books. 

Infrastructure:- The college provides hostel accommodation for both male and female undergraduate students, and there is a separate hostel for postgraduate students. 

Courses:-  As per the Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines, every year Bhaskar Medical College, Telangana accepts a total of 150 students into its program.  The distribution of these seats is as follows: 50% of the seats are allocated to Category A, 35% to Category B, and 15% to Category C.

10. Chalmeda Anandrao Institute of Medical Science

Overview:- Chalmeda Anadrao Institute of Medical Science was founded in 2003, it is a trust-run medical college that has been serving people with full faith and is famous among the people with the identity of the Top Medical college in Telangana.  This medical college is famous for its service, and known as CAIMS, Karimnagar. 

CAIMS is affiliated with the Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Infrastructure:- CAIMS (Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute of Medical Sciences) in Karimnagar is known for having infrastructure built according to the latest norms and standards in the field of medical education. 

Hospital:- The hospital at Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute of Medical Sciences (CAIMS) is an integral part of the institution and plays a vital role in providing healthcare services to the community. The hospital is well-established and equipped with modern facilities and equipment to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare.



A significant majority of students at these Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Telangana, come from Maharashtra. Students from other regions such as Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Gujarat also choose to pursue their medical education in these colleges. This diverse student population contributes to the vibrant and multicultural learning environment at the institution.

Overall, Telangana is a fantastic place to plan your MBBS programme. If you still have any questions, please call us or visit our office to speak with one of our representatives and receive all of your inquiries addressed by Get My University professionals. To the fullest extent possible, we help our students who want to pursue careers in medicine in the near future.


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