Gandhi Medical College Secunderabad

In the bustling city of Secunderabad, where history and modernity seamlessly intertwine, lies a haven of healing and compassion - Gandhi Medical College. Nestled amidst the vibrant streets and captivating culture, this esteemed institution stands as a guardian of health and well-being, illuminating the path towards a healthier society.

Equipped with advanced laboratories, modern classrooms, and well-equipped hospitals, Gandhi Medical College provides an ideal environment for learning, training, and delivering high-quality healthcare services. The faculty at Gandhi Medical College comprises experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to imparting comprehensive medical education and training. The faculty members are experts in their respective fields and are actively involved in research activities, contributing to advancements in medical science. They provide guidance and mentorship to students, ensuring their holistic development and nurturing future healthcare professionals.

The alumni of Gandhi Medical College have made significant contributions to the field of medicine and have achieved remarkable milestones. Many of them have excelled in various medical specialties, occupying prestigious positions in renowned institutions globally. The alumni network of Gandhi Medical College is strong and influential, with its members making notable contributions to patient care, medical research, and healthcare policy. Gandhi Medical College has achieved several noteworthy achievements throughout its history. It has also established collaborations with national and international institutions, fostering academic exchange and contributing to the global medical community.

The college's location in Secunderabad offers a unique advantage, as it is surrounded by a vibrant and diverse population. This environment provides a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and experiences, enriching the education and training imparted within its walls. Students have the opportunity to interact with a multitude of patients from various backgrounds, fostering cultural sensitivity and empathy - qualities that are essential in delivering holistic care.

In conclusion, Gandhi Medical College stands as an emblem of compassion and excellence, set amidst the vibrant tapestry of Secunderabad. Its location serves as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between history and progress, tradition and innovation.

Gandhi Medical College Secunderabad Location Detail

Gandhi Medical College is strategically located in the heart of Secunderabad, a city that pulsates with life and energy. Surrounded by charming neighborhoods, bustling markets, and historical landmarks, the college embodies the essence of this dynamic metropolis. Its location reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and progress, paying homage to the rich heritage of the region while embracing the advancements of modern medicine.

Particulars Details
 State  Telangana
 City  Secunderabad
 Affiliated By  Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, Warangal
 College Category  Medical Colleges in Telangana

Course, Fees and Duration Gandhi Medical College Secunderabad

Course Branch Total Seat Course Duration Tution Fee (Per Year)
MBBS General Medicine 250 5.5 Years 15210
DM DM - Neurology 2 3 Years -
DM DM - Nephrology 4 3 Years -
DM DM - Medical Gastroenterology 5 3 Years -
DM DM - Cardiology 3 3 Years -
MS MS - Orthopaedics 13 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Ophthalmology 6 3 Years -
MS MS - ENT 10 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Anatomy 4 3 Years -
MS MS - General Surgery 20 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology 25 3 Years -
MD MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases / Pulmonary Medicine 5 3 Years -
MD MD - Psychiatry 3 3 Years -
MD MD - Hospital Administration 3 3 Years -
MD MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy 10 3 Years -
MD MD - Paediatrics 15 3 Years -
MD MD - Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 8 3 Years -
MD MD - Pharmacology 7 3 Years -
MD MD - Anaesthesiology 17 3 Years -
MD MD - Pathology 10 3 Years -
MD MD - Microbiology 10 3 Years -
MD MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology 9 3 Years -
MD MD - Physiology 8 3 Years -
MD MD - Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine 3 3 Years -
MD MD - General Medicine 20 3 Years -
MD MD - Bio-Chemistry 7 3 Years -
DM DM - Endocrinology 2 3 Years -
MCH M.Ch - Thoracic Surgery/Cardio Thoracic Surgery/Cardio Vascular and thoracic Surgery 1 3 Years -
MCH M.Ch - Neuro Surgery 4 3 Years -
MCH M.Ch - Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery 2 3 Years -
MCH M.Ch - Paediatric Surgery 1 3 Years -
MCH M.Ch - Plastic Surgery/Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 4 3 Years -

Cut-Offs Gandhi Medical College Secunderabad

Seat Type Counselling Type Category Sub Category Domicile Condition Round 1
Rank Yr 2022
Round 2
Rank Yr 2022
Government STATE SC SC YES 64039 22120
Government STATE ST ST YES 62662 29937
Government STATE OBC BCA YES 41388 19613
Government STATE OBC BCC YES 36195 12836
Government STATE OBC BCE YES 27154 -
Government STATE GENERAL OPEN YES 20139 18745
Government STATE OBC BCD YES 18967 -
Government STATE OBC BCB YES 15035 -
AIQ MCC Open Open NO 2264 2600
AIQ MCC EWS EWS NO 4277 3689
AIQ MCC OBC OBC NO 3854 5141
AIQ MCC Open PwD Open PwD NO 269827 -
AIQ MCC SC SC NO 27495 -
AIQ MCC ST ST NO 37901 -
Admission Process

Gandhi Medical College Secunderabad

  • The college offers graduate & post graduate

Contact Details

Address G.M.C.Campus Azamgarh

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Email gmc_hyd[at]

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