Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital Chitradurga

The prestigious Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital is in the district of Chitradurga in the Indian state of Karnataka. The college was laid out in 1999 and is partnered with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

The college has cutting-edge facilities for its students and a sprawling campus that covers 25 acres. The grounds have separate lodgings for young men and young ladies, exceptional labs, and a library that houses an immense assortment of books and diaries. 

The college has a hospital attached to it, which is a 600-bedded facility and caters to the healthcare needs of the people in and around Chitradurga.

The hospital is outfitted with modern diagnostic and treatment resources, as well as boasts thoroughly prepared and experienced specialists and staff. 

Aside from scholastics, the college additionally urges students to partake in extracurricular exercises and sports. The campus has a games complex that houses offices for different games like cricket, football, b-ball, and tennis.

In conclusion, Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital is an excellent institution that provides quality education and healthcare services. The college has a rich history and is committed to upholding the values of its namesake, Basavanna. The college provides a nurturing environment for the students to grow and develop into responsible and compassionate doctors who can contribute to society.

Basaveswara Medical College Location Detail

Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital is settled in Chitradurga, state of Karnataka, India. It is situated on the National Highway 4 (NH-4) bypass road, which connects Bangalore and Pune.

Basaveswara Medical College Seat Detail

The school offers an undergrad program in medication (MBBS) and postgraduate projects in different specializations like life structures, pharmacology, and pediatrics.  The total intake capacity for the MBBS program is 100 students, and for the postgraduate programs, it is 45 students.

Particulars Details
 State  Karnataka
 City  Chitradurga
 Affiliated By  Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
 College Category  Medical Colleges in Karnataka

Course, Fees and Duration Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital Chitradurga

Course Branch Total Seat Course Duration Tution Fee (Per Year)
MBBS General Medicine 100 5.5 Years 994406
MS MS - General Surgery 4 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Ophthalmology 3 3 Years -
MS MS - ENT 2 3 Years -
MD MD - Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine 3 3 Years -
MD MD - Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 2 3 Years -
MD MD - Bio-Chemistry 1 3 Years -
MD MD - Paediatrics 3 3 Years -
MD MD - Pathology 3 3 Years -
MD MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy 4 3 Years -
MD MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology 2 3 Years -
MD MD - Anaesthesiology 3 3 Years -
MD MD - General Medicine 4 3 Years -
MD MD - Emergency Medicine 2 3 Years -
MD MD - Psychiatry 2 3 Years -
MD MD - Respiratory Medicine 2 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3 3 Years -
MS MS - Orthopaedics 2 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Anatomy 3 3 Years -

Cut-Offs Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital Chitradurga

Seat Type Counselling Type Category Sub Category Domicile Condition Round 1
Rank Yr 2022
Round 2
Rank Yr 2022
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 1K YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2AK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2BG YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3AK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3BK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE ST STK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE SC SCK YES 213739 -
Govt. Aided STATE SC SCR YES 204746 470639
Govt. Aided STATE SC SCG YES 188423 319923
Govt. Aided STATE ST STR YES 135384 830456
Govt. Aided STATE ST STG YES 118550 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2BK YES 110798 -
Govt. Aided STATE GENERAL GMK YES 92739 189258
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2AR YES 83639 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2BR YES 83134 177003
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 1R YES 81283 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3BR YES 81175 175029
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3AR YES 78226 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2AG YES 77563 168351
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 1G YES 74554 124168
Govt. Aided STATE GENERAL GMR YES 74058 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3AG YES 70348 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3BG YES 69789 -
Govt. Aided STATE GENERAL GM YES 68150 495172
Admission Process

Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital Chitradurga

  • The college offers graduate & post graduate

Contact Details

Address Professor, Dept. Of Microbiology, Vims, Bellary

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