Al-Ameen Medical College Bijapur

Set on a beautiful campus that provides a tranquil setting for learning and personal development, the renowned Al-Ameen Medical College is located in Bijapur, Karnataka. 

The impressive architecture of the buildings and the meticulous landscaping of the grounds is what strike the eyes as you enter Al-Ameen Medical College's campus. The grounds are intended to give students an agreeable and inviting climate that encourages learning and scholarly greatness.

The staff at Al-Ameen Clinical School is exceptionally capable and qualified, made out of prestigious clinical experts who are focused on giving their insight and aptitude to the understudies.

Al-Ameen Medical College's commitment to social justice and community service is one of its distinctive characteristics.  Additionally, the college caters to the diverse requirements and interests of students with a wide range of courses, including MBBS, MD, MS, and various diploma programs.

The college has a dedicated research wing that conducts cutting-edge research in a variety of medical fields, thus enabling students with enormous opportunities to participate in research and innovation at the college. 

Al-Ameen Medical College Location detail

Located in the city of Bijapur, Al-Ameen Medical College of Karnataka is very easily accessible from all parts of the country. 

Al-Ameen Medical College Seat detail

The institute offers undergraduate (MBBS) and postgraduate courses in various medical disciplines, and the total number of seats available for the MBBS course is 150 seats.

Particulars Details
 State  Karnataka
 City  Bijapur
 Affiliated By  Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
 College Category  Medical Colleges in Karnataka

Course, Fees and Duration Al-Ameen Medical College Bijapur

Fee Structure of Al-Ameen Medical College, Vijayapur:

Understanding the fee structure is essential for students and their families to plan their finances for medical education. The fee structure at Al-Ameen Medical College includes various components such as tuition fees, caution deposit, hostel fees (if applicable), examination fees, and other miscellaneous charges. Here's a breakdown of the fee structure for different courses offered:

MBBS Course:

Tuition Fees: The annual tuition fees for the MBBS course at Al-Ameen Medical College amount to approximately Rs. 10,92,852 per year.

Caution Deposit: A caution deposit may be required at the time of admission, refundable upon course completion. The exact amount may vary.

Hostel Fees: For students availing hostel accommodation, the annual hostel fees are approximately Rs. 1,65,000 covering room rent, mess charges, and other amenities.

Other Charges: Additional charges such as examination fees, registration fees, and miscellaneous expenses are applicable as per the college norms.


For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding cutoff marks and fee structure, aspirants are advised to visit the official website of Al-Ameen Medical College or contact the college administration directly.

Course Branch Total Seat Course Duration Tution Fee (Per Year)
MBBS General Medicine 150 5.5 Years 1092602
MS MS - ENT 1 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Ophthalmology 3 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology 9 3 Years -
MS MD/MS - Anatomy 1 3 Years -
MS MS - General Surgery 10 3 Years -
MS MS - Orthopaedics 9 3 Years -
MD MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology 6 3 Years -
MD MD - Anaesthesiology 6 3 Years -
MD MD - Physiology 1 3 Years -
MD MD - General Medicine 15 3 Years -
MD MD - Paediatrics 8 3 Years -
MD MD - Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 2 3 Years -
MD MD - Pathology 2 3 Years -

Cut-Offs Al-Ameen Medical College Bijapur

Cutoff at Al-Ameen Medical College, Vijayapur:

The cutoff marks for admission to Al-Ameen Medical College are pivotal, influenced by factors such as the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the NEET exam, and seat availability. Here's an overview of the cutoff marks for Al-Ameen Medical College in recent years:

2022 Cutoff: The All India Rank (AIR) cutoff for Al-Ameen Medical College in 2022 was 61,477. Specific cutoff marks for state ranks are not provided.

2021 Cutoff: In 2021, the All India Rank (AIR) cutoff for Al-Ameen Medical College stood at 75,214. State rank cutoff details are not available.

2020 Cutoff: The All India Rank (AIR) cutoff in 2020 for Al-Ameen Medical College was 92,512. State rank cutoff specifics are not provided.

Seat Type Counselling Type Category Sub Category Domicile Condition Round 1
Rank Yr 2022
Round 2
Rank Yr 2022
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 1K YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 1R YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2BK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2BR YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3AK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3AR YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3BG YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3BK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE ST STK YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE ST STR YES - -
Govt. Aided STATE SC SCK YES 222383 920581
Govt. Aided STATE SC SCR YES 200091 -
Govt. Aided STATE SC SCG YES 188849 19852
Govt. Aided STATE ST STG YES 122981 282117
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2AK YES 100758 197327
Govt. Aided STATE GENERAL GMK YES 96349 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2AR YES 88696 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2AG YES 85144 187462
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3BR YES 84464 198868
Govt. Aided STATE GENERAL GMR YES 83759 177557
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 1G YES 75964 204868
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 2BG YES 74019 -
Govt. Aided STATE OBC 3AG YES 73176 157209
Govt. Aided STATE GENERAL GM YES 72863 -
Admission Process

Al-Ameen Medical College Bijapur

Admission Process for MBBS at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bangalore:

The admission process for MBBS at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre generally involves the following steps:

1 Registration: Candidates must register on the official website of NEET Counseling to initiate the admission process.

2 Filling NEET Application Form: After registration, candidates need to complete the NEET Application form.

3 Appear for NEET Exam: Candidates must appear for the NEET exam and achieve the required cutoff marks.

4 Participate in Counseling: Based on NEET scores, candidates participate in counseling sessions conducted by the respective state or central authorities.

5 Seat Allotment: Seats are allotted based on NEET scores, preferences, and seat availability in the desired college.

6 Reporting to the College: Finally, candidates allotted seats report to Akash Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre within the specified timeframe. They complete admission formalities and commence their MBBS studies as per the college's instructions.

  • The college offers graduate & post graduate

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Address Nalanda Medical College, Patna

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