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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study MBBS in China

China, based in Asia, is the 2nd largest country by land area and the most populous state of the world. In terms of purchasing power and GDP, it is one of the fastest developing economies. Unlike development in several other areas, China has made a lot of progress in education. After the UK, the US, and Australia, it is the fourth most preferred study destination for students from all over the world. In medical education, this country has made several changes. As a result, students in a large number come to study MBBS in China. Talking about the last year, around 10000 international students chose China for their medical education.

Here are the top reasons for selecting China as a destination of medicine study:

1. Globally accepted medical degree

China has 52 approved medical colleges/institutes that are under the supervision of the Chinese Government. All these institutes are listed in the Directory of World Medical Schools of the WHO. Graduates completing their medical degree courses from Chinese universities are eligible for different national medical screen tests like MCI, AMC, HPCSA, and USMLE to start their practices.

2. Quality education as per western higher medicine education

Several Chinese medical institutes have good positions in the top 500 universities in the world. MBBS programs have been taught in English for years. Chinese medical colleges have state-of-the-art hospitals that allow students to do their internships.

3. Lower tuition and living costs

Pursuing MBBS in China costs you more economical than that of England, America, and other western countries. From living to tuition, you will have around 70% lower costs in comparison with European and American medical education. In simple words, studying medicine in China is economical for you. 

4. Fast track education

MBBS programs in China are of 5 years, including internship. It means you can be a certified doctor faster from the one studying in the UK, and the USA.

5. An excellent amalgam of east and west

Most of the Chinese medical colleges teach traditional medicine along with modern. It means you have an opportunity to learn traditional Chinese medicine like Acupuncture with a modern MBBS course.

 Apart from the above, you will have an opportunity to learn the World’s most spoken language and to know Chinese culture & society during your medical education in China. Surely, your proper medicine study in China will help you be a successful doctor.        


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