What is the Process of Getting NRI SEATS in Deemed Colleges?

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What is the process of getting NRI SEATS in Deemed College

How Can I get admission in NRI quota?

The quest of higher education has no geographical bounds, and for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), the desire to attend one of India's prestigious schools still remains a goal worth pursuing.

Deemed Colleges, popular for its academic excellence, offer a wide range of courses and programmes, attracting students around the world. However, for NRI’s, obtaining admission in deemed colleges involves a distinct process. 

In the comprehensive guide, you will get to know the complete process of getting NRI seats in deemed colleges and help you empower with the knowledge needed to embark on this transformative educational journey.

Whether you are an NRI student or a parent looking to know the process of getting NRI Seats in Deemed Colleges, here is the guide to help you navigate the path to educational excellence in India’s premier institutions.

Before diving in to know the actual process of getting NRI Seats in Deemed Colleges, let’s know what NRI Quota is all about.

What is NRI Quota in Deemed University?

The term NRI stands for “Non-Resident Indian” that includes Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO). NRI Quota refers to a specific set of seats that are reserved for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) students. Deemed colleges set aside some percentage of total NRI seats or whose parents or sponsored are NRIs.
To obtain an NRI Seat in any of the deemed colleges, the institution charges a higher amount of fees than the fees actually charged by general Indian students.
The application process for an NRI seat in a deemed college may be different from that for the general category as it requires some additional documents as well, which are given below.

It's time to learn the requirements for NRI students to enroll in NRI Seats of Deemed Universities.

What is the eligibility criteria for NRI Student?

Students who live outside India may apply for an NRI quota, which allows them to return and practice medicine in their own country. Basically, deemed universities in India offer admissions to NRI students under 15 percent NRI Quota that is reserved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), apart from 15 percent seats specifically for All India Quota and 85 percent State Quota.  Not only NRI candidates but also those who fall under NRI Sponsored candidates can also apply for admission. Thus, in order to reserve a seat in 15 percent NRI Quota Seat, the NRI quota eligibility criteria are as follows-

•   Clear NEET Exam – NRI students who want to enroll at deemed college must pass the required entrance exam, the NEET exam, in order to qualify for admission.

•   Valid Passport Holder – The most crucial requirement for NRI candidates seeking a seat in deemed colleges is a valid passport.

•  Bonafide NRI Candidates – Only bonafide NRI candidate will be granted NRI seat in deemed colleges under NRI Quota.

•   NRI Sponsored Category – NRI student shall be considered eligible only when he or she has a real blood relation to the financial supporter like it can be either mother, father, brother, aunt or uncle.

•   Age Criteria – Candidate must have a minimum of 17 years of age and the maximum age is 25 years.
Note - *The same rule applies to government institutions also

Who falls under NRI Category?

The criteria for NRI applicants for NEET UG are listed below to assist candidates in determining their eligibility.

•    Candidate should be an Indian origin and settled in foreign country to be eligible to participate in NRI Seat
•    Indian citizen students living abroad either for business or employment also fall under the NRI category 
•    Candidates born in abroad but the parents are of Indian origin fall under NRI category
•    Candidate who are children of State Central/Central Government employees who are studying abroad of deputation period comes under NRI Category
•    Candidates residing abroad and obtain the status of NRI (by living outside for 5 years)
•    Candidates must pass 10th and 12th exam from the country they are residing in.

Process for Getting NRI Seat in Deemed Colleges

1. Fulfill Eligibility Criteria for NRI Sponsored Category

Every NRI student who wants to get an NRI seat at deemed colleges must meet the qualifying requirements listed above. such as passing the NEET exam, holding a valid passport, earning at least 60% in PCB, and being at least 17 years old.

2. Register with MCC

After fulfilling all the necessary conditions, the next step is to get registered with MCC i.e. Medical Counselling Committee. So, for getting registered, visit the official website and register on the MCC official website  www.mcc.nic.in and pay the registration fee accordingly.  

3. Apply for NRI Sponsored Category

At the time of registration with MCC, select the NRI Sponsored Category and also provide all of the necessary documents as asked to support NRI status.

4. Seek MCC Approval

After making the selection of NRI sponsored category, student shall be required to wait for MCC to verify the eligibility of NRI sponsored category. After receiving the approval, student can proceed with the next step.

5. Choice Filling

Next step is to select the deemed universities in which you would like to apply for in order of preference during the choice filling process.

6. Declaration of Round 1 Result

As soon as the Round 1 results are made public, MCC will display the deemed university and course that you have been assigned based on your preferences and the seats that are available.

7. Accept or Reject Seat Allotted

You can check the MCC list presented to see if a seat has been assigned to you or not, and then you can choose to accept or reject the seat. Accept the seat offered if you are happy with it. However, you will automatically be qualified to take part in the following phase of counselling if you choose to refuse the seat that has been offered.
The rounds will continue, along with the same choice-filling procedure and result reporting, until all seats are filled.

Depending on the year and each university's unique practices, the process may vary slightly. For up-to-date information and to secure an NRI seat at the deemed colleges you wish to enroll in, get in touch with Team Get My University.

Documents Required for NRI Students in India

The following documents are necessary for the process of obtaining NRI seats at MCC:

For NRI Candidates

•  NRI Certificate from the embassy (main document)
•  Notarised Affidavit from embassy 
•  Passport
•  Visa Copy
•  Bank Statement (varies from institution to institution) Not applicable in deemed but applied in some of the government colleges.

For NRI Sponsored Category 

•   NRI Certificate from Sponsored        
•   NRI Sponsorship Affidavit duly notarised 
•   Parent Affidavit
•   Passport
•   Visa

For OCI (Overseas Citizen of India)/ PIO (Person of Indian Origin), only OCI Card is required and no need to provide NRI Certificate along with notarized affidavit is sufficient.

NEET Cut-Off 

Category Percentile 2022 Cutoff
UR-General 50th 117
UR-PH 45th 105
SC/ST/OBC  40th 93
PH-SC/ST/OBC 40th 93


State wise NRI Seats in India

In India there are in total of 5 states that offer NRI Seats both in government medical and private medical colleges. The state providing NRI seats in which both Indian Origin Citizens of India and Overseas Citizens of India can apply are –

1.  Karnataka

In Karnataka, there are in total of 31 privately held medical colleges that provides NRI Seats in Karnataka having 767 NRI Seats. The medical colleges in Karnataka that offer NRI Seats are as follows – 

2.  Gujarat

There are 794 NRI seats available at the 31 medical colleges in Gujarat both at private as well as government colleges. The list of colleges below includes colleges that offer NRI seats.

3. West Bengal

There are 7 private medical colleges in West Bengal, and they provide a total of 161 NRI seats. The following are the West Bengal colleges offering seats to NRIs

4.  Chhattisgarh

There are only three medical colleges in Chhattisgarh having NRI Seats in total of 66 seats.

5.  Bihar

Bihar has 8 private medical colleges in Bihar having 76 NRI seats available in Bihar state for NRI students. The colleges are as follows-

6.  Haryana

There are 7 medical colleges in Haryana that offer 21 NRI Seats. The list of college is given below-

7.  Kerala

There are 15 medical colleges in Kerala which offers NRI Seats to aspirants in Kerala. The colleges are as follows -

To Be Updated

8. Rajasthan

The number of NRI seats in Rajasthan is given below as per the colleges-

9.  Punjab

There are 4 government medical colleges and 4 private medical colleges wherein NRI students can get admission in. The name of colleges are –

10.  Andhra Pradesh

There are some private as well as few government medical colleges that have the options of NRI Seats. 


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