Top Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan

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top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan



Kyrgyzstan is the wisest option if you're interested in pursuing MBBS abroad. As MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is not only reasonably priced but also offers top-notch medical training and practical experience. Therefore, it is fortunate that Indian students can benefit from cutting-edge medical training while attending prestigious medical universities in Kyrgyzstan.  

Therefore, if you are prepared and determined to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, read through the blog and gather all the crucial knowledge about the top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan that will be helpful for your MBBS journey.     

Overview of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Duration 5 + 1 year of internship
Medium of teaching English
Living Expense  15 to 20k per month
Essential Requirement NEET Qualification
Eligibility Criteria Minimum of 50% in PCB in Class 12th NEET exam


Why Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

1.    Save more money by paying less for an affordable MBBS programme in Kyrgyzstan
2.    You can easily be admitted to Kyrgyzstan's top medical colleges with a lower score
3.    English is the language of instruction, and every student in India is fluent in it
4.    Enjoy a straightforward admission process for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
5.    Every medical college in Kyrgyzstan is accredited globally
6.    Experience the top-notch, cutting-edge medical education
7.    Economical Cost of Living and Education
8.    No additional entrance exam is necessary
9.    Safe country to study and live in
10.    Availability of Indian food

List of MCI-Approved Top Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan

1.    Osh State Medical University, Medical faculty

The top medical college in Kyrgyzstan was founded in 1993 and is called Osh State Medical University. A state medical college, it is situated about 600 KM away from Bishkek, the country's capital. The college offers the highest calibre of education and is constantly enhancing its technical infrastructure.

Type of Institution Public
Location Osh
Year of Establishment  1993
Total Budget INR 12,21,000


2.    Jalal Abad State University

The second-best medical college in Kyrgyzstan is Jalal Abad State University. The college is a well-known medical school that has received approval from the WHO and NMC on a global scale. Jalal Abad State University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes that provide top-notch medical training and education.  

Type of Institution  Public
Location     Jalal Abad
Year of Establishment 1993
Annual Tuition Fees Rs. 5,40,000/- approx


3.    International School of Medicine

The International School of Medicine was just founded in 2003 and annually admits more than 6,332 students from various countries. Aspiring doctors will receive excellent training at the International School of Medicine from highly experienced professionals. Overall, the college has a good standard of medical education and is well organised.

Type of Institution Private
Location Bishkek
Year of Establishment 2003
Annual Tuition Fees Rs. 4,50,000/- approx


4.    Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

In 1993, Russian Slavic University was founded and is now situated in Bishkek. The institutions have 45 specialities in 3 distinct fields and a variety of great courses to offer. In order to offer as many chances as possible, the medical college has NMC-approved MBBS programmes in all of its institutions. 

Type of Institution  Jointly operated by Kyrgyz government and the Government of Russia
Location Bishkek
Year of Establishment 1993
Annual Tuition Fees  Rs. 4,64,000/- approx


5.    Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, which many medical students consider to be one of the best medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan, was founded in Kyrgyzstan in 1939. Since it was Kyrgyzstan's first and oldest medical school to operate, it earns an A+ rating due to its many years of successful operation. Kyrgyzstan's medical college is well-known for its excellent facilities and more than 80 years of expertise.

Type of Institution Public
Location Bishkek
Year of Establishment 1939
Annual Tuition Fees Rs. 4,80,000/- approx.


6.    Asian Medical Institute

Another recently established medical school is the Asian Medical Institute, which opened in Kyrgyzstan in the year 2004. The college is only 40 kilometres from Manas International Airport and 20 kilometres from Bishkek, the country's capital. The National Medical Council has approved the medical college, making it trustworthy and suitable for all aspiring doctors.

Type of Institution Private
Location Kant City
Year of Establishment  2004
Annual Tuition Fees Rs. 4,20,000/- approx


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