Top 10 Medical Colleges in Nepal

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top 10 medical colleges in nepal

“A tough yet worthwhile experience is studying MBBS in Nepal.”

Studying MBBS in Nepal is a fantastic and worthwhile alternative mainly because it is affordable and recognized by all nations. It sounds tough to some students due to the language. As, in some colleges, Nepali is used as a medium of teaching. But, as per our observation, English is the prime medium of teaching used there and so students will not be having trouble learning medicine in Nepal.

For students who are prepared to put the necessary effort and adjust to a foreign learning environment, studying MBBS in one of the top 10 medical colleges in Nepal can be an excellent choice. There may be certain disadvantages to studying MBBS in Nepal, but according to Team Get My University, there are a lot of benefits that outweigh the disadvantages, making Nepal a suitable country to pursue MBBS.

Let’s explore the positive side of top medical colleges in Nepal with GMU by discussing which are the reasons that encourage a medical aspirant to pursue MBBS in Nepal and also, and which top medical college, a student can opt for.

Why Choose Top Medical Colleges in Nepal?

1.    Affordable Medical Education

Every medical student primarily looks for an economical medical education. Therefore, Nepal is one of those countries where you can study for a low price and gain the best medical education possible.

2.    Safe Country 

Nepal is a nice and safe place for Indian students to plan their medical career in because of its extremely low rate of crime. So, it is definitely a safe country to study MBBS.

3.    Availability of Indian food

Since Indian food is readily available, studying MBBS in the top medical college in Nepal is an economically viable alternative. As Indian food is readily available across Nepal, therefore students from India won't have to carry a separate suitcase of food packets.

4.    No language barrier

A medical student does not need to learn Nepali in order to study MBBS in Nepal because English is the language of instruction there and it is used by everyone who lives in Nepal.

5.    No VISA Requirement

In addition to having low tuition, studying MBBS in Nepal also doesn't require a VISA, making it a popular choice.

6.    No Proficient Test required

Some nations have entrance exams that must be passed in order to be eligible to study in that state or nation. Fortunately, no proficiency test is necessary to enroll in an MBBS programme in Nepal. The one exam that all medical applicants must pass is the NEET exam.

7.    Fulfills all NMC requirements

Fortunately, Nepal has complied with all of the new requirements that NMC established in 2021. Therefore, the MBBS degree from Nepal is absolutely recognized in India.

About Nepal

Capital Kathmandu
Currency Nepalese Rupee
Population 3,00,00,000
Literacy Rate 67.91%
Duration of MBBS in Nepal 5.5 years
Overall Budget For Studying MBBS in Nepal Approx 46-60 Lakhs for Complete Course

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Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Nepal

Get My University has explored the top 10 medical colleges in Nepal for medical aspirants, after deep research and analysis, we came to know about this information of the colleges. This list of top medical colleges will assist you to choose the best college for your medical career.


1.    BP Koirala Institute of Health Science Dharan 

Establishment Year 1993
Location Dharan
Institute Government
Course offered MBBS, BDS, B. Sc, Nursing and Short Term Course
Affiliation BPKIHS Autonomous Health and Sciences University


B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Science Dharan is one of the top 10 medical colleges in Nepal. BP Koirala Medical College, better known as BPKIHS Dharan, is ranked first among the best medical college. The college, which was established in 1993, is ragging-free and offers every conceivable amenity, including a hostel, classes in the local language, healthcare services, a library, and much more. Overall, the college offers a lovely location for learning, a high standard of medical instruction, and knowledgeable professors to support clinical training.

2.    KIST Medical College

Establishment Year 2006
Location Lalitpur
Institute Private
Courses Offered MBBS & BDS
Affiliation Tribhuvan University


One of the reputable medical colleges in Lalitpur, Nepal, is KIST Medical College, which was founded in the year 2006. The college provides high-quality instruction, and its hospital is renowned for providing the people of Nepal with first-rate medical care. The college offers MBBS and BDS courses. Since English is the primary language used, many students feel at ease studying at KIST Medical College.

3.    Manipal College of Medical Sciences

Establishment Year 1994
Location Phulbari (Hospital) Pokhara, Nepal
Institute Private
Courses Offered MBBS, MD, MS
Affiliation Kathmandu University


The Manipal College of Medical Sciences, often referred to as MCMS Pokhara, is situated in the Phulbari (Hospital) of Pokhara, Nepal. The college was founded in 1994 and is equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and amenities. Manipal Medical College in Nepal enjoys a solid reputation because of its exceptional clinical exposure, superior facilities, and excellent medical education.

4.    Universal College of Medical Science

Establishment Year 1998
Location Ranigaon, Bhairahawa
Institute Government
Courses Offered MBBS
Affiliation Tribhuvan University


Due to the institution, which was formed in 1998, is well-known for its medical and dental programmes, many medical aspirants wish to study here. The college provides all necessary amenities, including separate hostel facilities, canteen, and travel assistance, making it a fantastic campus for students interested in a career in medicine to enjoy their time studying MBBS at Universal College of Medical Science.

5.    Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences

Establishment Year 1997
Location Dhulikhel, Bagmati
Institute Government
Courses Offered MBBS
Affiliation Kathmandu University


The third-oldest university and one of the top 10 medical colleges in Nepal is the School of Medical Sciences of Kathmandu University, which is situated in Dhulikhel, Bagmati. Collaboration between Kathmandu University and Dhulikhel Hospital led to the establishment of the college in 1997.  Kathmandu University has introduced two new degrees from 2019 onwards: the Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Medicine and the Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology. Kathmandu College has gained more recognition in a relatively short period of time, making it a desired college for medical students.

6.    Nepal Army Institute of Health Sciences

Establishment Year 1925
Location Bhadrakal, Sanobharyang Kathmandu
Institute Private
Courses Offered MBBS, MD/MS
Affiliation Tribhuvan University


The Nepal Army Institute of Health Science, popularly known as NAIHS, was established in 1925 in honour of Nepalese soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defense of their homeland, Nepal. The Nepalese Army Welfare Planning Directorate oversees the college, a non-profit organization. There are many different courses offered in this case, including postgraduate medical education, nursing, and top-notch hostel facilities. Overall, the college is a wonderful choice for those interested in obtaining an MBBS because it has reasonable tuition costs.

7.    Patan Academy of Health Science

Establishment Year 2008
Location Patan, Lalitpur
Institute Government
Courses Offered MBBS
Affiliation To Be Updated


The Patan Academy of Health Science is situated in Patan, Lalitpur, and was established in 2008.  The college has highly specialized labs available. It is in the Lalitpur district of Patan. The college is making every attempt to give all medical aspirants the best possible medical education.  In the near future, PAHS is anticipated to launch a School of Allied Health Sciences to provide more in-depth education.

8.    Kathmandu Medical College 

Establishment Year 1991
Location Dhulikhel, Bagmati
Institute Private
Courses Offered MBBS, BDS, B.Sc.
Affiliation Kathmandu University


In 1991, Kathmandu Medical College, a college in Dhulikhel, Bagmati, was founded. The college is associated with Kathmandu University and approved by international organizations such as the National Medical Council of India, the Medical Council of Nepal, the Medical Council of Sri Lanka, and the General Medical Council. Since the college does not request donations, students can benefit from an easy and streamlined admissions procedure.

9.    Noble Medical College

Establishment Year 2004
Location Biratnagar
Institute Private
Courses Offered MBBS
Affiliation Kathmandu University


In 2004, Noble Medical College was founded in Biratnagar, one of the key academic centres of Nepal's eastern region. According to the National Medical Council, the college's academic standards have continuously improved. To guarantee that optimum patient care is given, the hospital offers speciality and super speciality services.

10.     Birat Medical College

Establishment Year 1991
Location Biratnagar
Institute Private
Courses Offered MBBS
Affiliation Kathmandu University


A newly founded college, Birat Medical College provides top-notch medical education. The college offers students a separate hostel facility, good transport, and well-kept campus infrastructure. The institution was founded in 1991, is accredited by the NMC and WHO, and is well-known as a reputable medical college in Biratnagar, Nepal. It works diligently to give aspiring doctors the best possible medical education.


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Our FAQ's

For getting admission in Nepal, the student is required to complete 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their compulsory subjects. Additionally, the student is expected to score minimum of 50% marks in NEET.

To pursue MBBS in Nepal, there are 6 government medical colleges, 15 private medical colleges and only 1 army medical college in Nepal.

Nepal is one among the top 5 nations where you can study for your MBBS at a low cost. Studying here enables a medical aspirant to earn a degree from the greatest medical colleges that have accreditation from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, like WHO, UNESCO, and NMC.

Yes, NEET is valid in Nepal as per NMC guidelines latest guidelines. So, only those medical aspirants who have qualified NEET exam shall be allowed to pursue MBBS in Nepal.

B.P Koirala Institute of Medical Science is one of the best private medical colleges in Nepal.

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