Top 10 Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

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top 10 medical colleges in Kazakhstan


When it comes to studying for the MBBS, Kazakhstan is one of the popular choices for medical students. You can be one of those people who is trying to get accepted into one of the top 10 medical colljeges in Kazakhstan. To fully understand MBBS in Kazakhstan, you should read this blog, created by Get My University after the deep research and analysis over Rajasthan counselling.

Kazakhstan is a developed nation with a wide range of options. Students will enjoy a high level of living, speaking of those who intend to study MBBS there. There are additional benefits that you can avail of, like transportation. Let's go back to the primary topic at hand, which is Kazakhstan's top institutions. We've listed them below along with some extra information, like the admission process, eligibility criteria, and documents required.

Name of the course M.D (Equivalent to MBBS )
Duration of MBBS 5 years + 1 year of internship
Population  of Kazakhstan 1,83,00,000
Official language  Kazakh &  Russian
Currency 1 Tenge = 0.19 INR
Medium of teaching English
NMC Approved Universities 12
Courses offered in Kazakhstan General Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Pediatrics
Literacy rate of Kazakhstan  99.7%
Cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan 25 Lakhs and Above
Cost of Living in Kazakhstan 8k to 12k per month

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

1.    Age Criteria – medical aspirant who wants to pursue MBBS programme is required to be minimum of 17 years old.
2.    Entrance Exam – NEET entrance exam is the only essential exam a medical aspirant  need to qualify
3.   12th Score – to be eligible a student should have minimum of 50% percentage for general category and 40% percentage for other category.

Why Choose MBBS in Kazakhstan?

•    Simplified Cost of living

In many countries, there is a requirement to clear some additional exam in order to eligible to pursue MBBS in that specific country. But not in Kazakhstan, as Kazakhstan requires only NEET exam.

•    Cost of Educations and Cost of Living is lower than other nations

There is no gap in terms of infrastructure and faculty of the medical colleges located in Kazakhstan and still MBBS in Kazakhstan provides its students with lower fee structure as well as cost of living. To provide exceptional medical knowledge and training to future doctors, Kazakhstan offers the best in everything. Even in the top medical colleges in Kazakhstan, the cost of education is found lower than other universities in different nations.

•    Straightforward admission process

Pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan is simple yet straightforward that is easy for any medical aspirant to follow. Not much of documentation and processing is required to sit for any of the medical colleges of Kazakhstan.

•    Job opportunities

Medical aspirants pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan have the advantage of working anywhere in the world. Thus, student is free to practice in India as well as outside India. So, if you want to continue your job in Kazakhstan itself, you are free to do so by getting admission in any of the hospitals of Kazakhstan.

List of Top 10 Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

1.    Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is one of the public universities that got established in the year 1934. It is considered to be a top university in Kazakhstan which is named after the Eastern philosopher and scholar al-Farabi. Also, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is considered as one of the country’s largest universities.

Type of Institution  Public
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1934
Total Cost 19,07,000 INR


2.    Kazakh National Medical University

A well-known government institution for students pursuing an MBBS is the Kazakh National Medical University. According to the source, the university has a country rank of 5 and is approved by the NMC (National Medical Council) and WHO. Located in the city Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kazakh National Medical University is a milestone in the history of education, medicine and the country as a whole.

Type of Institution  Public
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1930
Total Cost 18,00,000 INR


3.    North Kazakhstan State University

A public, non-profit medical university, North Kazakhstan State University is situated in Petropavl. There are many students enrolled, and the college's passing rate is high, so it's no surprise that this university is ranked 27 in the nation. Overall, North Kazakhstan State University is considered to be one of the top 10 medical colleges in Kazakhstan, hence it is an excellent pick for students interested in medicine because of its reputation and strong academics.

Type of Institution  Public
Location Petropavl, North Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1937
Total Cost To Be Updated


4.    Karaganda State Medical University

An enormous number of medical students are admitted each year to Karaganda State Medical University, a public university that is situated in Karaganda. In addition, it is NMC and WHO approved. The Karaganda State Medical University was founded in 1950 and provides top-notch medical programme under the guidance of highly skilled teachers and cutting-edge facilities.

Type of Institution  Public
Location  Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1950
Total Cost  To Be Updated

    5.    Kokshetau State University

One of the ranked universities is Karaganda State Medical University, which is situated in Kokshetau. It is named after Shoqan Walikhanov and has a 33rd-place national ranking. The university is a cutting-edge, dynamic institution of higher learning. The Medical Council of India, an international organization, grants degrees that are recognized around the world.

Type of Institution  Public
Location Kokshetau, Akmola Region, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1962
Total Cost 15,40,000 INR


6.    Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University is a private university, established in 1964, it is NMC, WHO, & UNESCO Approved. The university is located in the Nur-Sultan, it offers you high quality medical education and in the context of infrastructure, faculty this university ranks on top.

Type of Institution  Private
Location Astana, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1964
Total Cost 16,90,000 INR


7.    Semey State Medical University

Semey State Medical University is one of the top medical universities in Kazakhstan, which offers you good medical study, highly qualified faculty, and well maintained infrastructure. Semey State Medical University got established in 1953 that has its own university hospital, as well as branches in the cities of Pavlodar and Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Type of Institution  Public
Location Semey, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1953
Total Cost 17,00,000 INR


8.    South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy

Southd Kazakhstan State Medical Academy is one of the prominent and developing university. It is NMC and WHO approved medical college that was founded in the year 1979 with modern infrastructure offering high quality medical education.

Type of Institution  Public
Location Shymkent
Year of Establishment 1979
Total Cost 17,50,000 INR


9.    West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University

Another one of the top 10 medical colleges in Kazakhstan is West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University, it has the total number of students around 3 to 4 thousands. It may be the best option for medical students. There are more details of the college, given below.

Type of Institution  Public and non-profit
Location Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1997
Total Cost 16,60,000 INR


10.    Kazakh Russian Medical University

Kazakh Russian Medical University is holding country rank 51 for a reason, because it has high-qualified faculty, a search-oriented teaching pattern, and more. It has the recognization of NMC and WHO, for the number of years this university offering best medical education to students. 

Type of Institution  Public
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Year of Establishment 1992
Total Cost 18,00,000 INR



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