Top 10 Medical Colleges In Bangladesh

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top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh


Are you aware that in Bangladesh, 25% of seats are set aside specifically for Indian students?

It is true! Indian students are eligible for 25% of the MBBS seats, making it possible to get enrolled in Bangladesh's best medical college, and that too at an inexpensive cost. So, if you are planning to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, then congratulations you are on the right track!

Let’s get into more in detail to know other benefits as well of studying MBBS in Bangladesh along with which all are the top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh available for students.

MBBS in Bangladesh Overview

Course Offered Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
MBBS Course Duration 5 Years +1 year of training = Total 6 Years
Basic Eligibility 10+2 (PCB) with 50%
Recognition     NMC & WHO
Medium of Teaching English


Benefits of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

1.  Affordable Fee Structure

The main benefit of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is its affordability. Any medical aspirant is eligible to attend Bangladesh because of the medical institutes' affordable tuition rates.

2. Good Clinical Exposure

MBBS in Bangladesh is advantageous since all hospitals offer a great clinical experience that is significantly superior to that of India. 

3. NMC & WHO Approved Colleges

The top Colleges in Bangladesh are NMC (National Medical Commission) and WHO (World Health Organization)  approved, so students won't be having issues in colleges.

4. Low Travel Cost

In Bangladesh, it can be a big advantage to medical students who are studying in the colleges, and the advantage is low cost while traveling because the budget is a major issue when we go to college, it is a kind of relaxation to aspirants.

5. Good opportunity

These colleges offer lots of opportunities to students while studying, they get to explore things in the college and discover more things in the medical area. Top medical colleges in Bangladesh offer you the best opportunity to move ahead in the medical sector.

6. Fulfills NMC Regulations

These top colleges in Bangladesh do fulfill the NMC regulation so that students don't have to face any issues related to their medical studies or exams.

7. Study and Exam pattern is similar

Students won't have to face difficulty in exams because the study and exam patterns of the colleges are the same, which is why Bangladesh has a good passing percentage of medical aspirants.

Facts to Consider While Choosing The Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Choosing a medical college in Bangladesh might be challenging and confusing because there are so many of them. Here are some considerations to keep in mind, namely:-

1.    Look for the medical college that is approved by NMC i,e. National Medical Council

2.    Ensure the medical college fee structure in advance with the college to avoid any unexpected costs afterward.

3.    To make sure that you receive quality training, clinical exposure is another crucial factor.

4.    The location of the medical college should be considered in order to facilitate connectivity.

5.    The infrastructure and education in medicine are of the utmost importance and should not be overlooked. As 5 to 6 years is a significant amount of time, it may be challenging if a student does not enjoy the education or surroundings.

You will undoubtedly have a good medical college chosen for you after taking into account all of these factors. The following list of medical schools includes those that Team Get My University believes to be the Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh:-

Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

1.    Dhaka National Medical College

Dhaka Medical College is a private medical college that was established in the year 1994. The medical college located in Dhaka, Bangladesh is running with the vision to be globally acclaimed, recognized for excellence in medical education, scientific research and patient care. It is considered to be among the top MBBS colleges in Bangladesh due to the exceptional academics it offers.

Establishment Year   1994
Location     Dhaka
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation University of Dhaka
Average Tuition Fees  31,50,000 INR


2.    Rajshahi University

One of the biggest institutions in the nation and the foremost institution of higher learning in Bangladesh's northern area is Rajshahi University. The second-oldest university in Bangladesh, the medical college is situated on a 753-acre campus with lush vegetation all around. The institution has been providing higher education for over 68 years and is a renowned and well-known medical college.

Establishment Year 1953
Location  Rajshahi
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation University Grants Commission
Average Tuition Fees 30,17,000 INR


3.    University of Chittagong

University of Chittagong got into existence in the year 1966 to provide quality medical education to all medical aspirants and services to locals, it is also considered  as one of the top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh. The infrastructure of the college is commendable and known to be one of the leading universities in Bangladesh as it is investing in the development and upholding of medical education.

Establishment Year 1966
Location     Hathazari Upazila
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation University Grants Commission
Average Tuition Fees  25,20,000 INR


4.    Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology is also a well-known medical college that is making all efforts to provide medical education to students. The medical college started with very less departments but fortunately, the department as well as the professional teachers has increased resulting in the development of the medical college as well as that of medical aspirants.

Establishment Year 1986
Location Kumargaon, Sylhet
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation  To be updated
Average Tuition Fees 26,60,000 INR


5.    Bangladesh University of Professionals

Bangladesh University of Professionals was established in the year 2008 when it was felt the need to establish educational and training institutes of the armed forces. The college is the youngest university that is run and managed by armed forces upholding the motto “Excellence Through Excellence”.

Establishment Year 2008
Location Mirpur Cantonment
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation University Grants Commission
Average Tuition Fees 30,17,000 INR


6.    Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College

Ganoshasthaya Institute of Health Science got established in 1998 as a modern institute of education recognized by the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh as well as the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). 

Establishment Year 1998
Location Savar, Upazila
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation Dhaka University
Average Tuition Fees 28,00,000 INR


7.    Mainomati Medical College

A medical college that was founded in 2011 and is wholly committed to building leaders through excellence in teaching and research is called Mainomati Medical College. The privately established medical college has received approval from the NMC and the WHO and is also well-known worldwide.

Establishment Year  2011
Location Baropara, Comilla
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation  Chittagong Medical University
Average Tuition Fees 45,50,000 INR


8.    Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College

Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College, which was founded in 2011, is one of the most esteemed medical colleges. Due to its ideal location in the heart of Dhaka, the medical institution is skilled at offering high-quality medical education. The institution already doing a good job by offering the best medical education and training, that's why it is counted in the top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh. Additionally, it is constantly improving and offering extracurricular activities for students to showcase their ideas.

Establishment Year 2011
Location  Maghbazar
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation University of Dhaka
Average Tuition Fees 70,00,000 INR


9.    Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Kumudini Women’s Medical College and Hospital is a privately held medical institution that got into existence in the year 2001. The medical college is open for women only to study medicine in this college. The college has strict regulations and mandates students to follow strict attendance. 

Establishment Year 2001
Location  Mirzapur
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation University of Dhaka
Average Tuition Fees 30,10,000 INR


10.    Dhaka Central International Medical College

Dhaka Central International Medical College Hospital (DCIMCH) is one of the well-known medical institutions with 500 bed medical hospital. The college is permitted by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Overall, the medical college has experienced, dedicated and qualified faculty to train future doctors.


Establishment Year 2011
Location  Mohammadpur Thana
Course Offered MBBS
Academic Affiliation University of Dhaka
Average Tuition Fees 26,25,000 INR



This was all about the specific details of the Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh. To help medical aspirants get a fundamental understanding, all the information has been presented. Contact Team Get My University to take advantage of Profile Based Counselling and find out which medical college in Bangladesh is best for you.

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Our FAQ's

The popular government medical colleges in Bangladesh are:- • Sir Salimullah Medical College • Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College • Mymensingh Medical College • Chittagong Medical College • Rajshahi Medical College • Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College • Sher-e-Bangla Medical College • Comilla Medical College • Sher-e Bangla Medical College • Bangladesh University of Professionals

A student pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh can easily finish their curriculum with a minimal budget of Rs. 30 Lakhs and above.

In order to enroll in MBBS programme in Bangladesh, candidates must pass the NEET entrance exam. Therefore, it will not be possible for you to enroll in any medical college in Bangladesh if you do not pass the NEET exam.

Definitely ! MBBS in Bangladesh is a wise choice because it has many similarities to studying in Bangladesh like the syllabus, exam pattern and food habits, with the significant benefit of inexpensive fee structure.

Yes! As it is recognised by the NMC, WHO, and UNESCO, MBBS in Bangladesh is completely valid in India and all other countries.

The first medical college, Dhaka National Medical College, was established in 1925 near Bahadur Shah Park. In Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, a private medical college with a strong reputation got established.

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