PG Medical Seats in India

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PG Medical Seats in India

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For all the students who are aspiring for NEET PG 2024 exam must know about the total number of PG seats in India. So, here is the blog that will help all the aspiring students to know about state wise PG medical seats in India.


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Securing a Post Graduate (PG) medical seat in India is a crucial step towards advancing one's career in the field of healthcare. With a heavydemand for specialized medical professionals, the competition for the PG Medical seats has intensified over the years. 

This article provides a comprehensive overview of PG medical education in India, covering aspects such as entrance exams, state-wise PG Medical Seats in India, types of PG medical courses, total number of government as well as private PG medical seats in India.

About PG Medical Seats in India

Team Get My University (GMU) carefully studied and analyzed the PG medical seats in India. According to our findings, there exists a total of 49,369 PG medical seats in India offered by 541 colleges in India. This thorough investigation was done very carefully and precisely to make sure that the information given is accurate and trustworthy. Students who want to become doctors can rely on this data and lead their career in medicine.

Now, let's move on to the next topic, which will delve into entrance examinations for PG Medical Seats.


Entrance Exam for PG Medical Seats

•    NEET PG EntranceExam

NEET-PG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Postgraduate Courses) is the primary entrance exam for PG medical seats in India. Additionally, various state-level and institution-specific entrance exams are conducted for admission to PG medical courses.

•    AIMS PG Entrance Exam

AIIMS PG refers to All India Institute of Medical Sciences Postgraduate Entrance Exam. AIMS PG Entrance exam is conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi for admission to postgraduate courses offered by AMS and other institutions like AIIMS. AIIMS PG exam is held twice a year, in May and November for MD/ MS/ MS/ MDS/ M.Ch./ DM courses.

State wise PG Medical Seats in India

State Total PG Medical Seats in India
Andhra Pradesh 3386
Arunachal Pradesh 0
Assam 683
Bihar 1159
Chhattisgarh 552
Goa 121
Gujarat 2759
Haryana 883
Himachal Pradesh 349
Jharkhand 259
Karnataka 5980
Kerala 1650
Madhya Pradesh 2245
Maharashtra 5650
Manipur 250
Meghalaya 33
Mizoram 0
Nagaland 0
Odisha 1092
Punjab 756
Rajasthan 2802
Sikkim 34
Tamil Nadu 4453
Telangana 2886
Tripura 91
Uttar Pradesh 3880
Uttarakhand 1245
West Bengal  1877

Major Contributing State in terms of PG Seats in India

•    Maharashtra
•    Karnataka
•    Gujarat
•    Tamil Nadu

One of the major contributing states in terms of PG medical seats in India is Maharashtra. Maharashtra boasts a robust healthcare infrastructure and is home to several prestigious medical colleges and institutions offering a significant number of PG seats across various specialties. The state's capital, Mumbai, is particularly renowned for its medical education facilities and attracts aspiring doctors from all over the country. Additionally, Maharashtra's commitment to medical education and research further solidifies its status as a major contributor to the pool of PG seats available in India. Thus, according to Team Get My University, Maharashtra has the highest number of MD seats followed by Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Total Number of Government PG Medical Seats in India

In India, the total number of government PG medical seats in India fluctuates annually based on various factors such as government policies and medical college infrastructure. As of the latest information, there are approximately 29110 government PG medical seats across the country, offering opportunities for aspiring doctors to specialize in various fields of medicine.

 Total number of government PG medical colleges in India along with total number of pg medical seats in India are as follows-

Number of Government Medical Colleges in India 290 Colleges
Number of PG Medical Seats in India 29110 Seats

Total Number of Private PG Medical Seats in India

In India, there are 20259 total number of Private PG Medical Seats in India offered by 251 private medial colleges in India.

Number of Private Medical Colleges in India 251
Number of PG Medical Seats in India 20259 Seats

Types of PG Medical Courses

PG medical courses in India include Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS), PG Diploma, and Super Specialty courses like DM (Doctorate in Medicine) and MCh (Master of Chirurgiae). These courses offer specialization in various medical fields such as General Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedics, Radiology, Anesthesiology, etc

Counseling Procedure for Allotment of PG Medical Seats

There are two types of NEET PG Counseling namely AIQ Counseling and State Quota Counseling. 

1.    All India Counseling

AIQ counseling is held for 50% of seats available in government medical colleges throughout India. According to the candidate's NEET PG rank and preferences, MCC conducts the counseling and assigns the seats.

2.    State Quota Counseling

For the remaining 50% of seats in government medical colleges—including those that weren't filled during AIQ counseling—the corresponding state administrations perform this counseling. Based on the candidate's choices and NEET PG rank, seats are allocated.


In summary, seeking PG medical seats in India is a journey filled with challenges that require resilience, strategic planning, and a dedication to excellence. It's crucial for aspiring doctors to grasp the details of entrance exams, counseling procedures, and seat allocations. As they navigate through the intricacies of PG medical admissions, this journey evolves beyond obtaining a degree; it becomes a transformative experience shaping their future in healthcare.

Wishing all the aspirants aiming to pursue postgraduate studies in medicine the very best of luck!
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In Private Institution it starts from 25 Lacs and goes beyond 1 crore depending upon score and type of institution.

In India, there are a total of 49,369 postgraduate medical seats offered by 541 colleges.

It's an average score where a person can get good clinical branch in a price range of 75 lacs - 85 lacs.

A rank between 10000-15000 can fetch you clinical seats in Govt. medical colleges.

There is no restriction in NEET Counseling for applying to both AIQ and state quota seats.

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