Nursing in Germany for Indian Students after 12th

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Nursing in Germany for Indian Students after 12th

Are you an Indian student planning for a career in nursing after completing 12th?
In that case, you are at the right place. We at Team Get My University understand the need and aspiration of Indian students and thus we are here to guide you through the process of studying Nursing in Germany.

You must be wondering why Indian students should study Nursing in Germany.

Well, this blog has the answers to all of your questions. Continue reading to learn why choosing to study nursing in Germany for Indian Students after 12th is the best decision to make in your upcoming days.

As per 2022 records, its was found that there are about 1.74 million vacant positions throughout the country. Due to which it had a bad impact on German companies leading to slowdown in work. 

So, if you want to grab this golden opportunity, stick with us to know everything about Nursing in Germany.

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Nursing in Germany

Germany is regarded for having high-quality nursing programmes and training, making nursing a popular profession. Nursing in Germany is not offered as a degree programme instead, it is a form of vocational programme known to be as "Ausbildung".

In Germany, Nursing is a three-year vocational nursing programme and requires 2100 hours of practical and 2500 hours of theory. Due to the entire admissions process, including the interview, is conducted in German, it is important that students who want to pursue nursing must have a strong command of the German language. Therefore, if you want to become a nurse, you must be proficient in German.

What is Ausbildung in Germany?

Ausbildung is a type of paid apprenticeship where both theoretical knowledge and practical experience is provided. In German, Ausbildung can be obtained in various fields like Nursing, Business, Management etc. 

Nursing in Germany for Indian Students after 12th because it not only gives them the chance to learn the subject, but also gives them an opportunity to practice in a government-recognized hospital while earning a decent living for themselves.

This is not the only one reason of Nursing in Germany, instead, there is a lot more about which you will be knowing in this blog. 

Why Study Nursing in Germany?

Nursing in Germany for Indian Students after 12th is definitely the best decision being it Germany a strong economy. Along with this major advantage, some of the other compelling reasons are-.


Yes, you heard that right. Due to abundance of reputable institutions and hospitals that do not charge tuition, you can study nursing for free in Germany. However, just because nursing is free in Germany does not mean that everyone can enroll. No! As a student is primarily required to pass the interview in German Language to be able to pursue Nursing in Germany which is definitely not easy.


Another reason of choosing Nursing in Germany for Indian Students after 12th is world-class education provided by Germany which helps students to prepare a good healthcare career in Nursing. 


In Germany, nursing programs last three years and involve on-the-job training, which makes the program more practical and extensive and helps students develop their abilities along with theoretical knowledge.


Germany is one of the world's top economies and has the highest employment rate. However, the top economies in the world lack workers in the medical field, which has been seen as an underlying need for nurses. As a result, it would be a wise decision to study nursing in Germany because there is a growing demand in the healthcare industry.


The amount of workforce needed is far less than what is now employed in German hospitals. Thus, the need for nurses will undoubtedly rise in the coming years, and they will undoubtedly be able to earn excellent salaries. You should pursue nursing in Germany without a second thought as it is one of the highest paying occupations and have 100% job security.

Eligibility Requirements for Nursing in Germany 

To be able to pursue Nursing in Germany, the essential conditions to be fulfilled are as follows - 

1. Recognised Qualification – your professional qualification will be required to be compared against German qualifications by the German Authority. To check whether the degree obtained by follow is accepted in Germany or not. If not accepted then, some sort of assessment test will be required to clear.

2. B2 Certification – It is very important to clear B2 level of the German language in order to pursue Nursing in Germany.

3. Medically and Physically fit – a certificate is necessary to prove that you can both medically and physically fit to pursue Nursing in Germany for long 3 years. 

How to Apply for Nursing in Germany?

In German, Studying Nursing in Germany take place directly in the hospital. And those hospitals have their institutions. So, the admission process required to follow for studying Nursing in Germany is as follows-

Step 1 – B2 Certification
Step 2 – Find a Hospital (Here comes the role of Team Get My University to help you find the hospital according to your requirements)
Step 3 – Hospital Interview
Step 4 – Offer Letter
Step 5 – Anerkennung
Step 6 – Find Accommodation
Step 7 – Visa Interview   

The complete admission process for pursuing Nursing in Germany is definitely not a cakewalk. At any point of time, you can get rejection. Therefore, to avoid facing rejection Team Get My University shall help you.

Nursing Schools in Germany

•    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg)
•    Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB)
•    Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative Study University (DHBW)

Top 5 Professions in Ausbildung


Cost of Studying Nursing in Germany

The cost of studying Nursing in Germany ranges from USD 330 (INR 27,052) to USD 440 (INR 36,072). It is the tuition fee that is charged only by some German universities. However, the cost of studying nursing is generally covered by the stipend received in the hospital. 

Cost of Living in Germany

The average monthly cost, which includes food, rent, and transportation, is between 700 and 900 dollars. In Germany, students will experience outstanding living conditions. Germany's cost of living seems to be lower than those of other countries. 


To make your journey to Germany a wonderful one, get in touch with Team Get My University. Enjoy a high standard of living and get a chance to obtain an EU Residency which will help you explore all the European countries by going with the Nursing in Germany profession. 

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Our FAQ's

Why Not! Students can pursue Nursing in Germany after completing 12th. However, you must have German language proficiency.

After pursing Nursing in Germany, a nurse can work in health centers, nursing homes, hospitals, OPDs, health insurance firms, old age homes.

No, there is no upper age limit, thus anyone can apply at any time to be a nurse in Germany. However, one essential requirement, such as proficiency in German, is necessary.

The nurse is responsible for taking care of people that includes the responsibilities like- - Patient Care - Paediatric Nursing (Care for Children) - Geriatic Nursing (Care for Elders)

Yes, nursing programmes offered by public universities in Germany are free. Additionally, nursing students receive a monthly stipend of between 800 and 1000 EUORS

Definitely. After completing vocational training, a student can stay for an extra 12 months in order to obtain employment.

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