NMC revises MBBS curriculum, time limit for the completion of course

30 Jun 2023 1578 views

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has made adjustments to the undergraduate medical curriculum, such as setting a deadline for finishing the MBBS program, limiting the number of times students can retake exams, making attendance for theory and practical exams mandatory, and implementing a family outreach program. Every year, the first day of August is probably when the first-year MBBS classes start. In some subjects, such as microbiology and biochemistry, students also have fewer tests to take.

Additionally, exams in areas like microbiology and biochemistry will no longer be as common for students to take. Senior doctors expressed concern about how coaching institutes are becoming more and more rooted in medical school in response to the reforms, but medical students welcomed them.

Despite the overhaul's well-intended intentions, prominent doctors claim that the true effects will be felt in the field."I have worked at four medical institutions in Delhi, and I would claim that a significant portion of MBBS students are enrolled in coaching facilities. As a result, even though the most recent redesign has good intentions, the real effects must be seen for themselves on the ground, according to a top doctor and teacher in Delhi.

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