MBBS Colleges Lose Recognition: 40 Penalised, 100 Under Scrutiny

31 May 2023 10624 views
list of 40 penalised medical college by NMC

Just a few days after the budding medicos appeared for their NEET exam and started gearing up to go into the college of their dreams to fulfill their passion of becoming the future of medicine, the National Medical Commission has taken stringent measures against almost 150 colleges in India which have now found themselves facing the heat. 

The number of 150 also includes the 40 colleges which have already lost their recognition in the last two months for failing to follow the standards and rules set by the National Medical Commission (NMC). However, as if the storm wasn't enough, an additional whirlwind is set to hit the medical education landscape in India. 

According to reports by PTI, around 100 medical colleges in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Assam, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry, and West Bengal are bracing themselves for a tidal wave of action, as the colleges are also bracing to face similar measures by the authorities. All of the action came right after the Union health minister, Mansukh Mandaviya, warned the colleges to stick to the rules to avoid the measures. In a statement at the start of the year, he said:

"We have to give quality education to students; we have to produce good doctors.”

MBBS Colleges Under Fire or Non-compliance With Surveillance, Biometrics, and Attendance Norms

As many colleges are now alarmed due to the action being taken, the main reason stated by several reports has been non-compliance with rules in several areas, like CCTV cameras, roll calls, Aadhar-linked biometrics, and even faculty rolls. At the same time, the authorities have claimed that the colleges have not been able to meet the criteria of proper surveillance camera installation and working of the same, which is a crucial rule set by the NMC. Furthermore, inadequate faculty has also been the reason why some colleges have found themselves in deep waters. 

Talking about which colleges these have been, the authorities have not released the list of the same. However, a bunch of renowned colleges under fire are Government Stanley Medical College Hospital in Chennai, K A P Viswanathan Government Medical College in Trichy, and Government Dharmapuri Medical College and Hospital. 

Furthermore, the decision to investigate came after the NMC made surprise visits to the college to check whether they had followed the rules set. The visits were done in December 2022. 

Additionally, derecognizing 150 colleges will be a plight for the students, as the number of students appearing for NEET has increased significantly. Amidst the fiasco, NMC also released crucial data, which stated that in 2014, there were 387 medical colleges. However, just a decade later, the country houses more than 660 medical colleges. 

Currently, the ball is in the court of the medical colleges under scrutiny, as the rules state that they have the option to appeal, which can be made within 30 days. However, considering the appeal is rejected, they can contact the Union Ministry of Health to explain why the standards were not met. 

Get My University's Take on the Situation

At Get My University, our experts have weighed on the recent derecognition of medical colleges by the National Medical Commission (NMC) in India. GMU raised a crucial point regarding the contradictory stance of the NMC. While derecognizing medical colleges for perceived deficiencies, the NMC simultaneously allows student registrations in these institutions. This contradiction raises concerns about the country's reputation on a global scale, as India is the largest supplier of doctors. Instances like these may erode confidence in Indian doctors worldwide, tarnishing the image built over the years.

As the situation unfolds, Get My University emphasizes the need for a balanced and comprehensive approach that considers the practical realities of the medical field. We at Get My University remain committed to supporting aspiring medical students during these challenging times and urge the NMC to reassess its actions to improve medical education in India. 

Furthermore, the fiasco has made the current MBBS scenario a catch-22 situation for the budding medicos. Hence, having a trusted name, like Get My University, is always recommended, as our expert counselors can help you choose the best considering the situation.

Contact us to get expert advice and give wings to your career as a doctor and the future of medicine in India. 


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