Is MBBS in Russia Valid in India?

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Is MBBS in Russia

Truth About MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia can either make or break you.
Because of the recent implementation of FMGL Regulations 2021.

Not only the MBBS aspirants are suffering, but so are their parents, who are unsure of whether or not to send their children to Russia. There was no problem prior to the implementation of the FMGL Regulations. But when the FMGL Regulations came into effect a lot of misunderstandings emerged due to which MBBS in Russia has now become a tough choice to make.

The main confusion started with the question as to whether the internship is part of the 6 years of the Russian MBBS program or if it is 6 years plus one year of internship. Second, the term "License to Practice" was newly introduced.

These two misunderstandings have made choosing an MBBS program in Russia challenging.So, if you are planning to pursue MBBS in Russia, then it may be a challenging situation for you. As there is a lot of confusion on which clarification has been stated by the respective authority. Therefore, it would be wise to conduct thorough research before risking your career.

It has been noted that the issue has become worse as a result of the fact that neither NMC nor the relevant nation has provided answers to any of these questions.
Read the entire blog to discover some facts that are based on reality rather than assumptions. 

Note -The information is not intended to demotivate students but rather to fully enlighten and assist medical aspirants as to what obstacles they may face when pursuing an MBBS in Russia.


What is the duration of MBBS in Russia After FMGL Regulations 2021?


Talking about the duration of MBBS program in Russia, there appears 3 scenarios.

PATHWAY 1 is where MBBS gets completed in total 6 years including internship as per Indian Embassy.

Minimum duration – 6 years
YEAR 1 to YEAR 6 (Clinical + N.C Studies) Internship Included
Special licensing exam in the Russian language
Registration with the Russian ministry of health
Next 1
Internship 1 year

PATHWAY 2 is where MBBS shall be completed in total 7 years where 6 years of education plus 1 year of internship will be there.

Minimum duration - 7 years
YEAR 1 to YEAR 6 (Clinical + N.C Studies) Internship Excluded
Internship 1 year
Registration with the Russian ministry of health
Next 1
Internship – 1 year


PATHWAY 3 is what Team Get My University believes to be the actual scenario. Wherein after     6 years of MBBS programme    , you have to prepare for residency or PG diploma programme that will take 8-9 years to get completed.

Minimum duration – 8-9 years
YEAR 1 to YEAR 6 (Clinical + N.C Studies) Internship Excluded
Clinical residency (2-4 years)
Next 1
Internship – 1 year


Many medical aspirants raised question to Embassy of India in Moscow to give a clarity on the duration of MBBS in Russia. So, Embassy of India released an advisory on 12th May in which answers of students were answered to give some clarity but unfortunately no details justification was given.

The questions asked by students to which EOI answered are as follows:-

1.    If the Russia medical colleges satisfy NMC Gazette 18.11.2021?

Ans -NMC would be in a position to clarify the matter, said by EOI

2.    What is the duration of total MBBS course?

Ans- The duration of medicine course in Russia is six years.

3.    What is the duration of internship?

Ans- The General Medicine program includes clinical rotation/clerkship of a duration of twelve months or more.

4.    What is the procedure for license to practice for Indian students?

Ans -In order to obtain practice license in Russia, students need to clear accreditation examination conducted in Russian language after the final examination. Accreditation is carried out by an Accreditation Commission formed by the Ministry of Health of Russia. General information about accreditation is available on the website 

5.    Will the course be recognized by NMC in India?

Ans-NMC would be in a position to clarify the matter, said by EOI

Is this Justified on the part of EOI, Russia to issue partial advisories without consultation with NMC?


Being an Indian Embassy, they should have an objective answer for the questions marked in RED in order to assist thousands of prospective doctors in finishing their MBBS from Russia as per NMC rules.

Till 2022 June, Russia was offering 6 years of education without an internship then how can Russia offer 6 years including an internship now?

The Russian medical education system has not undergone any structural changes, but all of a sudden Russia is now recognizing that Russia offers six years of MBBS program that includes one year of internship. 

Why No Russian University has made their curriculum public which satisfy EOI Embassy Advisory (6 Years including internship)?

Ukraine & Russia follows the same education system. And as per the circular, it is clearly written that in 6 years of MBBS programme, internship is included. Then how, Russia has accepted 6 years including internship? 

Is Russia fulfilling CRMI Guidelines laid down by NMC for Internship?

On 22nd Feb, 2023 it has been answered by the NMC through FAQ’s. The answer came to be as “Internship / clerkship and clinical posting & training are separate phases of practical learning. While, clinical posting and training is a part of 54 months MBBS course, internship is done after the completion of MBBS course but is an integral part of undergraduate medical education degree.” 

Is License to practice medicine at par with Local Russian Nationals?

Is Russian language proficiency (verbal + written) easy to achieve?

Numerous difficulties arise when learning a new language. Learning is challenging, but writing is a much bigger challenge. It is therefore untrue if you say that learning Russian is simple because passing the licensing exam depends on a medical aspirant's ability to communicate in Russian both orally and in writing.

Where is the official website/format of Special Licensing Exam, Russia?

No official website is currently available that can provide the format for the special licensing exam. 

Is it possible to complete MBBS in Russia for Indian students in 10 Years?

FMGL Regulation came into effect on 18th November 2021 wherein the duration was mentioned “The total duration of the foreign medical graduation course shall be completed with ten years from the date of joining the course”.

There was an assumption that only the foreign education must be completed within 10 years. But it’s not actually the reality. As per the duration stated by NMC in NEXT Regulation dated 28 June 2023, the ten year also includes complete MBBS education in the country + Internship + registration + NEXT 1 + Internship in India + NEXT 2.

So, if we go back and take a look at Pathway 3 which in our observation is the original scenario then, it is clearly not possible to complete MBBS within ten years.


With so many uncertainties and concerns regarding the duration, internship, licensing exam, registration process, and clinical exposure, it is undoubtedly not advisable to plan MBBS in Russia for the time being till the Indian Embassy replies on it after seeking clarity from National Medical Commission. This post must have given you all the answers related to MBBS in Russia, as there are som advantages and disadvantages too to consider.

Hopefully, the Indian Embassy will respond favorably and will soon come up with a solution. Till then, stay in touch with Team Get My University for the latest update on MBBS Abroad.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you need help with your medical career. 


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