All About GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

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All About GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

Are you looking for admission in Top Business Schools in India like ISB or other world class universities? 

Here is a global exam that can help you get into Top Business Schools in India popularly named as “GMAT” i.e. Graduate Management Admission Test which is conducted by the National Testing Agency.

GMAT Exam is the one you must pass to enroll in the top business schools in India that is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). However, as B-Schools have advanced and introduced a new version of the GMAT, students must now adhere to the GMAT Focus Edition to pursue MBA.

Why GMAT Focus Edition?

Here is good news for those who want to pursue MBA. On 7th November, 2023, the "GMAT Focus Edition," a new edition of the GMAT, is soon going to be released. It will undoubtedly be a difficult exam for all MBA aspirants to pass, but it also has certain benefits. As, the GMAT Focus Edition is now more flexible, shorter in duration, and emphasizes critical reasoning abilities. 

1.    Flexible

There are now only multiple-choice questions that must be answered, which is more convenient for students applying for MBA programmes, making the GMAT a more streamlined yet flexible process. 

2.    Shorter Duration

Secondly, the standard GMAT Exam used to have a duration of 3 hours and 7 minutes. But now with the introduction of GMAT Focus Edition, it has now a shorter duration with a total time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. 

3.    Emphasizes Critical Reasoning Ability

The writing assessment has been eliminated from the GMAT Focus Edition, and a fresh section entitled "Data Insights" making up questions on data interpretation and analysis has been added to emphasize on critical reasoning ability of a student planning for MBA.

The new version of GMAT has been developed to focus on abilities that are extremely crucial in today's actual world, such as data literacy and critical thinking skills. Thus, candidates from globally diverse backgrounds will not just benefit B-Schools but also the corporate world.

Is GMAT Focus Edition similar to GMAT?

Yes, GMAT Focus Edition is just an advanced version of GMAT with the similar motive to provide admission to graduate management program like Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

Similar to that of GMAT, GMAT Focus Edition will also have a validity of 5 years. It is a computer adaptive test just like the standard GMAT. GMAT Registration fee is also same like that of previous standard GMAT. 

GMAT Focus Edition Highlights 

The main goal of the GMAT Focus Edition is to assess a student's readiness to compete against the more than two lakh people who take the exam annually.
The following are the main changes that MBA applicants will see in this brand-new GMAT Focus Edition exam:-

•    No Essay Writing
•    Introduction of New Section “Data Insights”
•    Shorter Duration 
•    Simplified Scoring System
•    Emphasizes on practical analytical skills
•    Enhanced Score Report that will no longer display previous test score\
•    Geometry no longer exists as a topic in Quantitative Reasoning

GMAT Focus Edition Pattern 2023

In 2023, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) has three sections that covers all the essentials requires for today-s business needs namely -

GMAT Focus Edition Scoring System

With the introduction of the GMAT Focus Edition, the new scoring system has also been used to make it simpler to recognise a student's performance.
The new scoring system of GMAT Focus Edition is as follows-

Section Score Range Increment Scale
Total Score 205-805 10 point increments
Quantitative 60-90 1 point increments
Verbal     60-90 1 point increment
Data Insights 60-90  1 point increment


GMAT Focus Edition 2023 Date You Must Know

Particular Important Date
GMAT Focus Edition Registration 29th August 2023
GMAT Focus Edition Launch Date 7th November 2023
Standard GMAT Retire Date 31st January 2024
GMAT Focus Edition Availability 1st Feb 2024


GMAT Focus Edition – Eligibility Criteria

Some of the conditions you need to fulfill in order to appear for GMAT are as follows-

1.    The age of the candidate applying for GMAT must be 13 years above
2.    An identification proof is a must to provide
3.    Academic qualification is another essential document to submit

GMAT Focus Edition Exam – Admission Process 2023

A student must complete a few crucial tasks in order to register for the GMAT Focus Edition MBA admission exam. With us, you are free to relax because we'll handle the entire process.

Step 1 – Register on
Step 2 – Login to your account and select the GMAT Test Mode
Step 3 – Select the appropriate date, time and location for the GMAT Focus Edition exam.
Step 4 – Make the required payment to complete GMAT slot booking. 

*Mode of Payment – Net banking, Credit Card, Debit Card

How to Register for GMAT Focus Edition?

Contacting Team Get My University is all you need to do to pass one of the most difficult exams for pursuing MBA. To ensure acceptance into the Top B-Schools in India, seek out the best professional guidance with us.

The revised GMAT Focus Edition will be accessible from 1st February, 2024, as the Standard GMAT will be eliminated by the end of January 2023.  After the release of the new GMAT edition, only that version will be made available to applicants seeking their ideal business education. Therefore, it is crucial for every student to be informed about this particular topic. 

The GMAT Focus Edition focuses solely on the advanced critical reasoning and data literacy skills necessary for the corporate sector. So, if you are ready and want to crack GMAT in one go, call Team GMU right away.

A gateway to demonstrating cognitive skills is what “GMAT Focus Edition” all about.

Our FAQ's

The newly introduced section

We all know that everything demands more effort and time, and the GMAT Focus Edition preparation is no different. According to Team GMU, the more time you put in, the better your chances are of passing the test.

The GMAT Focus Edition official website is

Yes, GMAT Focus Edition is the most widely global accepted exam. It is not just an entrance exam for MBA but for more than 7,700 programs at over 2,400 business schools worldwide.

Within the time period of 7-20 business days, the result for your GMAT Focus Edition will be displayed in your account.

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