Interaction with Nidhi Margaj from Mumbai

Alvin: My name is Arvin. I am from Get My University and I am with Miss Nidhi from India, student of psychology AMA School of Medicine. Hi Nidhi, How are you?

Nidhi: I am good. Thank you.

Arvin: Okay, that’s good. What do you like about the Philippines?

Nidhi: I guess I searched a lot about Philippines. First of all the weather, it was slightly hard but I am very used to it being from Mumbai. I love the beaches and want to see a lot around. And I’ve also read a lot about generosity of people around you. They’re very kind and they’re very helpful.

Arvin: Okay, thank you for that. Why do you choose AMA School of your Medicine education in Philippines.

Nidhi: First of all, is one of the first Institute’s at Philippines. I was pretty much impressed by the curriculum and the location is in the financial hub of the country. There are things nearby like you know supermarkets and apartments. So yes.

Arvin: Do you find safe here in the Philippines, especially in Makati City? How do you rate Philippines for Indian Students?

Nidhi: Yes even while coming there was this security person he asked me why you’re going in. And you know I have seen security people every five minutes. You see many police officers and there are continuously guys around.

Arvin: And I guess you already went to AMA School of Medicine. How was your first interaction with the professor. Also how would you rate education at Philippines?

Nidhi: They were really helpful. You know, we had to submit some of our documents. So our professor explained we have to fill forms so he was very polite and very nice to us.

Arvin: Okay. Do you have any message to to students who from India who wants to study here in the Philippines especially in our school AMA School of Medicine.

Nidhi: If you are ready to stay away from your home for a while and you really want to study Philippines is a really good place. You will make really good friends over here and the teachers and studies is also very nice.

Arvin: Thank you Miss Nidhi

Interaction with Deepali from Rajasthan

Arvin: My name is Arvin. I am from Get My University and I am with Miss Deepali from India student of Psychology. AMA School of Medicine. Hello Deepali how are you?

Deepali: I am good Arvin.

Arvin: So may I know what is your perspective about the security of students in Philippines.

Deepali: Talking about security I am living here from last more than one and a half years. So here’s security is too good and strict too. Local police is also very active people are very helpful. If I talk about my own room even if my own friends want to visit me then they have to give their ID, Enter their names, address, phone number and then the guard will call whether I allow him to come in or not. If I allow then only person will be allowed to come our places.

Arvin: Oh that’s great and what are the subjects and curriculum for MBBS students at Philippines.

Deepali: Subjects that we study are basic subjects like basic biology, chemistry, physics

Arvin: As a student of AMA School of Medicine do you have any vacations?

Deepali: Yes we get vacations 2 times in a year by end of each semester.

Arvin: Okay lastly, can you please invite all the students in India to study here in the Philippines.

Deepali: I would like to say that Philippines is a good country to study. Our faculty members are good, our university is also good. Most important thing I liked about my MBBS studies in Philippines is that most people speak English and we are not supposed to learn any local language like in other countries. Also I get a lots of vacations so we really enjoy that as well.

Arvin: Thank you Ms Deepali for your time.

Interaction with Aristide from Cameroon, Central Africa

Arvin: My name is Arvin. I am from Get My University and I am with Mr Aristide student of AMA School of Medicine.  Hello Aristide how are you?

Aristide: I’m fine Arvin. Thank you.

Arvin: From what country are you?

Aristide: I’m from Cameroon country in Central Africa.

Arvin:I think it’s too far from the Philippines.

Aristide: Really? It’s very far.

Arvin: What did you like about the Philippines as a country and why did you choose it for your medicine education?

Aristide: I have many reasons about Philippines. First of all I know some Philippino physicians in my country who are working in a private hospital. They are doing very well and also I have some of my friends are studying here. Some study theology or business administration and they are doing well in other subjects. Also they told me that Filipino people are very helpful and these are the reasons why I chose to come here.

Arvin: Wow nice that’s nice and how has it been your experience so far the atmosphere.

Aristide: Until now I can see things are really very good at AMA School of Medicine because arrangements have been made before I come here. School has made arrangements to welcome me into the airport and from the airport they received me and they get me in the process for VISA and setting me to a good accomodation.

Arvin: Okay. And do you have any message to the aspirants who that is from Cameroon ?

Aristide: Yes, really? If I can say something to students come on Philippines is really the place for them where they can study medicines, especially in AMA School of Medicine because they have a lot of facility to get entrance in the school and all that things that they should know is that come in Philippine, there is no problem because Philippines and Cameroon they are having very good diplomatic relations. Also the stuff of the package of the for students of medicines are available to help and to give them all the support that they need to come on to their study of medicine.

Arvin: That’s nice. I see. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you.

Interaction with Jerusha Lal from Nagpur, Maharashtra

Arvin: Here I have with me Jerusha student from AMA School of Medicine, Second year student. Hello Jerusha you’re also from India ? What did you like about the Philippines as a country?

Jerusha: Philippines is a very nice country. First thing I like about Philipines is that temperature is moderate and language here is English so it’s more convenient in conversation and studies are also good.

Arvin: And how about your arrangement about your Foods and accomodation at Philippines ?

Jerusha : In Makati there are many Mess like catering and all. There are many Indian catering available and I get my food from there.

Arvin: Okay that’s cool but how about your vacation here in your school?

Jerusha : We get vacation after we finish our trimester for one to two weeks we get vacation.

Arvin: And of course lastly, do you have any message for students who wants to study here in Philippines in Makati especially ?

Jerusha: I would like to say that Philippines is a good place to study and of course the college is really nice. It has given us really a wide range of things to study and we can study well. And so yeah, and temperature is also great and you can understand English. So in conversation English is better so ya I am enjoying my stay over here.

Arvin: Thank you so much Jerusha.

Interaction with Preety Das from Guwahati, Assam

Arvin: My name is Arvin from Get My University. Here I have Preety with me student of BS Phychology, AMA School of Medicine. Hello Preety what did you like about the Philippines as a country?

Preety: Actually, I love Philippines because of the Filipinos are really helpful people, climatic condition is really good and the scenarios of the Philippines it’s really good and it’s really pleasant.

Arvin: Why did you choose AMA School of Medicine for your MBBS at Philipppines ?

Preety: OK I have chosen because like the fee structure is really financially affordable and the education system of the Philippines is really good.

Arvin: And since you are staying already here in the Philippines, what is the cost of food and accommodation at Manila, Philippines.

Preety: It’s not too costly and is average only like the India so I’m okay with it.

Arvin: And I assume that you already met your professors and the staffs. How was your first introduction?

Preety: Its really surprising that they are really interacting, they are very really polite. They make me understand how to fill up our forms etc.

Arvin: That’s cool and do you have any message from the aspiring students from India who wants to study also here in the Philippines especially AMA school of Medicine.

Preety: Yes students of India should come here and experience a really good climatic condition and the education system of the AMA School of Medicine. I would like to thanks my agents and all the staff of the School of Medicine.

Arvin: Thank you so much Preety.

Interaction with Ritwik Kaushik from Jalandhar, Punjab

Arvin: My name is Arvin from Get My University. I have with me Mr. Ritwik student of BS Phychology AMA School of Medicine. How are you RItwik.

Ritwik: I’m fine. Thank you for asking.

Arvin: Ritwik may I know what is the first thing you liked about Philippines. Also what are the advantages of MBBS at Philippines over other countries.

Ritwik: When I first arrived in Philippines the first thing I noticed was that the people of Philippines are much more civilized here they follow proper rules. So basically, there’s a little bit of lesser chaos and it is a nice experience. Also majority of population speaks English, weather is pleasant, there are lots of Indian people settled in Philippines are the major advantages i found over other countries.

Arvin: And since Philippines have a lot of Universities why did you choose AMA School of Medicine?

Ritwik: Basically the major deciding factor most economical one.  AMA School of Medicine provides a decent quality of education at a reasonable price along with a good reputation. So that’s why I went for a MBBS from AMA.

Arvin: And since you already are here how much is the cost of your food and accommodation?

Ritwik: It is comparative to the India, yes it is a slightly higher but there is not much difference.

Arvin: Do you have any arrangements about the food / lodging?

Ritwik: Yes, there are. There are a few restaurants available where you can get Indian food and basically, you don’t have to go hungry at all.

Arvin: And lastly, do you have any message to the students who wants to study here in the Philippines?

Ritwik: Okay, I want to say that anyone who wants to come here, do your own search, analyse your college and just do the right thing.

Arvin: Thank you so much. Thank you.

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